Atlanta Infant Brain Damage Lawyer

Atlanta Infant Brain Damage Lawyer

Did your baby recently sustain a brain injury during the birthing process at a hospital in Atlanta, GA? Then you may be able to file a malpractice claim and recover some compensation for your child’s birth injury.

To start your legal journey, all you need to do is call a skilled Atlanta infant brain damage lawyer from Hasner Law, PC. Your first consultation is always free. We are available 24/7, so give us a call today to get started with your case.

How Our Atlanta Law Firm Can Assist with Your Infant Brain Damage Case

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During their long and distinguished legal careers, the attorneys at Hasner Law, PC, have helped countless Atlanta residents file medical malpractice lawsuits – achieving many favorable results along the way. 

Should you hire an Atlanta personal injury lawyer from our firm to represent you and your child, we will:

  • Analyze the details of your child’s case and assess the damages
  • Help you understand how the Georgia civil justice system works
  • Offer you sound legal advice at every stage of your child’s case
  • Look for evidence that might sway the jury in your child’s favor
  • Identify the medical professional who caused your child’s injury
  • Handle the entirety of your lawsuit’s paperwork load
  • Consult with medical experts about your child’s brain injury
  • Provide you with detailed answers to all of your legal questions
  • Put together a customized legal strategy for your child’s lawsuit
  • Walk you through your potential legal options
  • Launch an independent investigation into your child’s injury
  • Communicate with the other party’s attorneys on your behalf
  • Work out a settlement agreement with the defendant’s insurer
  • Argue on your behalf in Georgia civil court, if necessary

Are you ready to have our Georgia birth injury lawyers help you with your pursuit of compensation for your child’s brain damage? Then please give us a call today to schedule a free initial consultation at our law offices in Atlanta. We have a detailed understanding of state law, and we would be more than happy to use it to stand up for you.

Common Types of Infant Brain Injuries in the State of Georgia

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Babies in Atlanta can sustain a wide range of injuries during the childbirth process – many of which have the potential to leave them with permanent disabilities and life-long health issues.

Some of the most common birth-related brain injuries include:

Did your child sustain one of these injuries during the birthing process? If so, please do not hesitate to reach out to the skilled legal team at Hasner Law, PC. We have been handling birth injury cases like yours for years and would love to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Symptoms Associated with Infant Brain Damage

Brain injuries are not generally visible to the naked eye. As such, it is not always easy to tell whether or not an infant has sustained one by looking at them.

There are, however, several signs and symptoms that parents and medical professionals can watch out for which may indicate that a baby has issues with their brain. These symptoms include:

  • Difficulty focusing eyes
  • Deformed facial features
  • Developmental delays
  • Refusal of food
  • Seizures
  • Blue or dusky skin
  • Breathing difficulties

Parents who notice their infant exhibiting one or more of these symptoms in the weeks or months following their birth should take them to a doctor as soon as possible. They may have a traumatic brain injury that requires rapid medical treatment.

Did your baby sustain a brain injury as a result of a medical mistake during the birthing process? Then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the knowledgeable malpractice attorneys at Hasner Law, PC. We may be able to use our years of legal experience to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Treatments for Infant Brain Damage

When doctors diagnose infants with brain damage, they usually put them on a treatment plan immediately. The exact nature of this program varies significantly from one patient to the next. However, most injured children must undergo at least one of the following treatments and procedures:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Surgery
  • Hypothermic treatment
  • Anti-seizure medication

These medical treatments can be highly expensive – even for families who have excellent health insurance. As such, it is not at all uncommon for the parents of kids with brain damage to incur thousands of dollars in medical bills as they fight to help their child recover.

Do you want help pursuing the compensation you need to cover your kid’s medical expenses? Then please call the experienced attorneys at Hasner Law, PC, as soon as possible. Our law firm has been fighting on behalf of the victims of medical negligence for years, and we are ready to go to bat for you.

Common Causes of Infant Brain Damage in Atlanta Hospitals

Children sustain brain damage during childbirth with a frightening degree of regularity in Atlanta hospitals. But what causes these injuries to occur? In most instances, one or more of the following factors is to blame:

  • Failure to deliver the baby quickly after shoulder dystocia occurs
  • Failure to recognize and address umbilical cord entanglement
  • Failure to recognize the signs of fetal distress (oxygen deprivation)
  • Improper use of forceps during the delivery
  • Failure to recognize the signs of low blood pressure in the mother
  • Improper use of a vacuum extractor during the delivery
  • Failure to treat infections in the baby or the mother
  • Improper neonatal resuscitation
  • Failure to treat the baby’s jaundice
  • Overly aggressive pulling or twisting of the baby during the delivery
  • Failure to perform a Cesarean section when necessary
  • Inappropriate induction of labor
  • Failure to recognize the signs of placental abruption

No matter what caused your child to suffer a brain injury, the attorneys at Hasner Law, PC, are always ready to help you fight for compensation. Our legal team’s understanding of state law gives us the ability to take on just about any case – no matter how complex it may be. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services or arrange a free consultation at our law offices in Atlanta.

Compensation Available in Atlanta Infant Brain Damage Cases

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When determining the amount of compensation that the parents of injured kids ought to receive for their brain injuries, courts and insurers consider a wide range of factors. Our brain injury lawyers review every aspect that could impact the amount of financial compensation you may receive, including:

  • The cost to provide the child with immediate medical care
  • The expenses associated with the child’s rehabilitative care
  • The impact the child’s injury will have on their education and career
  • The mental pain the child and their family endured, and
  • The effect the child’s injury will have on their quality of life

In most instances, kids who suffer injuries that leave them with long-term health issues or permanent disabilities receive the most sizable payouts.

When our Atlanta birth injury attorneys represent the parents of kids who sustained brain damage during childbirth, we pursue damages for their:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitative care costs
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

When children lose their lives as a result of their brain injuries, our lawyers help their family file wrongful death lawsuits. In doing so, we usually seek compensation for their loss of consortium and funeral expenses.

Do you want to have our experienced medical malpractice attorneys help you fight for the compensation your child deserves? Then please give us a call or contact us online to set up a free consultation at our law offices in Atlanta. We know how to win cases like yours, and we are ready to go to bat for you.

Statute of Limitations for Infant Brain Damage Lawsuits in Georgia


The statute of limitations for the large majority of medical malpractice cases in the Peach State is two years. As such, most patients who sustain injuries at the hands of their nurse or physician must file suit against them before the second anniversary of their procedure.

The Georgia civil justice system works a little differently when the patient is an infant, however. In such a case, the two-year timer does not start on the date of the medical procedure. Instead, it begins on the day the child turns five.

Is the statute of limitations for your child’s medical malpractice suit set to expire in the coming weeks or months? Then please reach out to the team at Hasner Law, PC, as soon as possible. We have been helping the people of Atlanta file lawsuits against negligent medical professionals for several years – and we would love to do the same for you.

Your Experienced Atlanta Infant Brain Damage Lawyer

If you want an Atlanta infant brain damage lawyer to help you pursue compensation for your child’s injury, there is only one firm you need to get in touch with – Hasner Law, PC. Our legal team has the experience and knowledge required to handle even the most complex cases. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation at our law office in Fulton County and learn more about our services.