How To Approach a Free Consultation With An Attorney

Have you been involved in an accident? Do you suspect someone else’s negligence or carelessness caused the accident? You may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills and other losses.  If your accident […]

Risperdal Dangerous Side Effect

Risperdal is a common antipsychotic medication manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Janssen is a division of Johnson & Johnson. Risperdal is also sold under the generic name risperidone.  The medication works by blocking neurotransmitters in the […]

The Hangman’s Fracture: Breaking Your C2 Vertebrae

A Hangman’s Fracture describes a specific break of the C2 vertebrae in the neck. The C2 vertebra is also called the axis. The name was given to a fracture of the pars interarticularis of the […]

3 Elements of Standing to Sue

When a person has standing to sue, it merely means that the court will hear the person’s case. If a person lacks standing to sue, the court will not hear the case, regardless of whether […]

Herniated Disc C4/C5 and C5/C6 Injuries

Neck injuries are common in many types of accidents. A slip and fall accident or motor vehicle accident could result in neck injuries. A sports injury or injury caused by a recreational activity could severely […]

The Lasting Damage of a Severe Burn Injury

Burns can result from many kinds of accidents. But regardless of how the burn occurred, you could face a lifetime of medical problems and complications from your burn injuries. Your skin is one of the […]

What is the Difference Between Express and Implied Consent?

Consent is a person’s freely given agreement to do a thing. Many legal relationships, like contracts, require both parties to give their consent and understand the agreement terms. Other relationships can go afoul if a […]

What are the Highest Paid Types of Lawyers?

There is a wide range in the salaries different attorneys make. Most attorneys choose to specialize in particular areas of law, much the way doctors specialize in different areas of medicine. Occasionally, lawyers will practice […]

Popcorn Lung: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Popcorn Lung is the colloquial name for bronchiolitis obliterans, a condition that damages small airways in the lungs resulting in coughing and difficulty breathing. The nickname popcorn lung stems from a chemical called diacetyl that […]

Umbilical Cord Prolapse Birth Injury Claims

Most women go through pregnancy and labor without complications. However, some women have complications during pregnancy and/or labor. One problem that can occur during labor that can endanger the infant’s life is a prolapsed umbilical […]