Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly against the law in Georgia – and in every other state for that matter. Despite the possible criminal consequences, many drivers choose to get behind the wheel after they have had too much to drink. A DUI arrest is not all they risk when they drive drunk—they endanger the lives and safety of everyone else on the road.

Drunk drivers cause thousands of crashes each year in the United States. If you are involved in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, you can suffer serious and life-altering injuries and losses.

Drunk driving accidents can be particularly devastating for injured victims. It is important to realize you are not alone in wanting justice and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. At Hasner Law PC, our Atlanta car accident attorneys represent injured drunk driving accident victims and are committed to obtaining the best possible results for our clients in every case.

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How Drunk Drivers Cause Crashes

How Drunk Drivers Cause Crashes

Alcohol can impair a driver in many ways. Some drunk drivers are overly cautious while others become fearless and emboldened to engage in dangerous driving behaviors, such as speeding or racing. Alcohol impairment can also cause a driver to lose focus, awareness of their surroundings, and the ability to maintain control of their vehicle. Some common types of drunk driving crashes include:

  • Head-on collisions – Drunk drivers are notorious for turning down the wrong way when a road or highway is one way. This takes other drivers by surprise and they may crash with the wrong-way drunk driver head-on. Drunk drivers on a two-way street may also depart their lane to the left, crossing over a double yellow line, and colliding head-on with oncoming traffic.
  • Rear-end collisions – Speeding and tailgating are examples of reckless behaviors that some drunk drivers exhibit that can easily lead to rear-end accidents. In addition, even if a drunk driver is not speeding, they can lose concentration on what is happening in front of them and have slowed reaction times, which prevents them from slowing down or stopping to avoid hitting the back of another car.
  • Sideswipes – As mentioned above, drunk drivers often depart from their lane and swerve or drift into neighboring lanes – often without realizing it. If a drunk driver suddenly weaves into your lane, they can sideswipe your car with theirs.
  • Rollovers – Sometimes, a drunk driver will lose control on a turn, hit a trip point such as a curb, or swerve too aggressively, resulting in a rollover accident. A vehicle rolling over can often cause a chain reaction crash involving many other vehicles and motorists.

Any type of drunk driving accident has the potential to be severe. Often, victims’ lives are changed permanently – if they are lucky enough to survive. For this reason, victims should know how to best protect their rights following a drunk driving accident.

What to Do After a Drunk Driving Accident in Atlanta

What to Do After a Drunk Driving Accident

The most important priority after a drunk driving accident is to address your physical health and safety. If you need help or feel like you cannot move on your own – say so.

Do not try to push yourself as you may only make already serious injuries worse. If someone else has not already done so, call 911, as emergency personnel can attend to anyone who needs emergency help. EMTs can evaluate your condition and determine whether you need to be immediately transported in an ambulance to ensure your condition is stabilized. Never fight the advice of EMTs in this situation, as you want to ensure you receive the care you need as soon as possible.

Even if you are not advised to go to the emergency room in an ambulance, you should still head to the hospital if you feel anything out of the ordinary. Certain injuries may not be obvious right away, and any pain, disorientation, discomfort, or anything out of the ordinary can signal that the symptoms of an injury are still developing. Getting a prompt diagnosis is the best way to ensure you receive the right treatment to prevent complications, as well as to preserve a record of your accident-related injuries.

Once your physical condition is stabilized and you are following a medical treatment plan, you should not wait to contact a skilled personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options. It is only natural to want justice and compensation from the drunk driver who hit you, and many people are surprised to learn that a criminal case against the drunk driver will do little to achieve those goals. Instead, you should consult with a law firm to take civil action on your behalf.

Attorneys Who Will Stand Up for Your Rights

While it may seem like a drunk driving accident case would be straightforward and clear-cut, this is not always the case. Like any other insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, you will still need to sufficiently prove liability, causation, and the extent of your losses. It often requires complex legal strategies, evidence gathering, and negotiating to obtain the full compensation an accident victim deserves – even when a drunk driver caused the accident.

You should never assume that you will receive compensation just because a driver was convicted of driving under the influence. There are still ways that a drunk driver and their insurance company can try to fight against liability and attempt to minimize the amount you receive. You need the right law firm on your side from the very beginning of your case.

Common Injuries in An Auto Accident

Here are some common injuries accident victims suffer after a motor vehicle accident:

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The legal team at Hasner Law PC has witnessed the devastating effects of drunk driving accidents on victims’ lives. We fight for the rights of victims seriously injured by drunk drivers. If you were injured in a car accident involving a drunk driver, please call us at (678) 888-4878 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation to discuss your legal options today.