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Helping Commercial Truck Accident Victims in Atlanta

Truck Accident Lawyers in AtlantaAnytime we drive or ride in a car, we put ourselves at risk of an accident. When you think of accidents, you likely think of another car crashing into yours. This common type of crash is generally pales compared to other, potentially more dangerous accidents of which you should be aware—commercial truck accidents.

Commercial trucks constantly transport goods across the country and keep our economy running. However, as important as these large vehicles and their drivers are to our everyday lives, they also pose significant threats to anyone driving near them. Fully loaded, large commercial vehicles may legally weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, which dwarf any passenger vehicles on the road. When such a heavy vehicle crashes into a smaller one, motorists can suffer life-changing injuries and losses. Be careful on the highway next to trucks, but also be aware of what to do should a truck accident cause you injuries.

After a truck accident, many victims may think they should call an attorney, but they might not know where to begin. Many law firms offer assistance after traffic accidents—but truck accidents don’t result in ordinary traffic cases. Because these claims can be complex and you can have so much at stake, you need an Atlanta law firm with specific experience handling large truck accident claims. Call Hasner Law to discuss your situation for free today.

A Truck Accident Could Happen to You

Many people aren’t aware how often truck accidents occur in the United States. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), about 138,000 persons were injured in large truck and bus crashes in 2015. This means that about 378 people suffered truck accident-related injuries on a daily basis. In addition, 4,337 people tragically died as a result of their large truck and bus accident injuries. The large majority of those fatalities were motorists in smaller vehicles and not occupants of the commercial trucks.

These statistics are a wake-up call to always use caution when driving near trucks. They also means that as a truck accident victim, you are not alone. The team at Hasner Law has seen how truck accidents can damage your life and we are here to help.

Truck Accidents Can Cause Devastating Losses

Truck crashes can cause extensive damage to vehicles and severe injuries to motorists. Many of these injuries can completely destroy your life in an instant. Even injuries that may seem relatively minor can take months to heal, require costly medical treatments, cause you pain, and keep you out of work. Injuries from truck accidents can include:

    • Traumatic brain injuries


    • Back injuries


    • Soft tissue tears


    • Shattered or fractured bones


    • Neck injuries


    • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis


    • Internal hemorrhaging or organ damage


    • Head trauma


  • Burns

Any of the above injuries require immediate medical attention to ensure that doctors accurately diagnose accident victims and start them on necessary treatments as soon as possible. Accident victims may need hospitalization for stabilization and monitoring, and to minimize complications that can arise. This is especially true for serious traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries, or spinal cord injuries.

Anyone who has visited a doctor recently knows about the extreme costs of healthcare. Many truck accident victims incur huge medical bills for:

    • Ambulance rides and treatments


    • Emergency department diagnoses and treatments


    • Hospital or intensive care unit (ICU) stays


    • Surgeries


    • Appointments with doctors and specialists


    • Medical equipment and medications


    • Physical therapy


  • Rehabilitative therapy

These costs can easily rise into the tens of thousands of dollars. Most families simply cannot pay such bills—and truck accident victims shouldn’t have to.

In addition, many truck accident injuries can keep you from working for extended periods of time. Whether you miss one day of work for medical treatments or have to stay home for weeks while you recover from surgeries, any lost income can significantly hurt your finances—and you deserve compensation for any lost income.

Finally, severe truck accident injuries can leave victims facing lifetimes of impairments and disabilities. These conditions—such as brain injuries or paralyzing spinal injuries—can create many limitations, severely restricting your ability to return to work or enjoy life as you once did. You should hold the party who caused your accident liable for any pain and suffering, future losses, permanent injuries, and other catastrophic losses you’ve endured.

Can You Recover Financially After Your Accident?

To seek compensation for your many losses, you need to show that a negligent party caused your accident. This can be challenging to prove, but the Hasner Law team has the resources to fully investigate your truck accident and advise you of your rights.

You may hold different parties liable for your truck accident, depending on the cause. Such parties can include:

    • Truck drivers who engaged in dangerous driving behaviors or made errors on the road


    • Trucking companies that hired negligent or dangerous drivers


    • Crews that improperly loaded or secured cargo


  • Anyone else whose negligence contributed to the crash

Our truck accident attorneys can help you pursue a complex insurance claim or file a personal injury claim in court if needed. We will explore every option to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Call Our Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers for a Free Consultation

If you were in a truck accident, do not delay in contacting Hasner Law. Waiting too long to start on your case can mean the loss of important evidence or even losing your right to recover compensation at all due to the statute of limitations. Even if you are unsure whether you have the right to compensation, you have nothing to lose by setting up a free case evaluation.

You can trust the experienced truck accident attorneys at Hasner Law. Please contact us online or call us at 678-888-HURT (4878) for help today.

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“This has been a good experience with Hanser Law. My medical bills were expensive after my accident in February. Hansner Law reduced my medical bills down to zero. Everyone in Law Firm had great communication during the pending process. With my first time experiencing anything like this. They tough me how to the process works so now I have the knowledge. They fight hard for the clients.”

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Vincent Wright
October 17, 2018
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