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Workers' Compensation in AtlantaContact the experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys at Hasner Law, PC if you’ve been hurt in a workplace accident. We know how important money can be after you get hurt on the job, so we’ll take an aggressive approach to your case and fight to secure maximum compensation on your behalf.

Make sure you receive all the employee benefits you’re entitled to under Georgia law. Our team has over 80 years of combined experience holding employers responsible on behalf of injured workers.

Your first consultation is free, so do not hesitate to contact our Atlanta, GA law office to schedule yours today. Call 678-888-4878 now.

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Why Should I Call a Workers’ Compensation Attorney After I Get Hurt At Work in Atlanta?

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The workers’ compensation system in Georgia is set up to help injured workers get back on their feet after an accident. It’s there to help relieve some of the financial stress your injury may cause. However, just because you’re entitled to workers’ compensation benefits doesn’t mean that getting money will be easy.

The system is designed to benefit employers and insurance companies, not injured workers like you. When you file a compensation claim, you have to follow rigid procedures and meet strict deadlines. Your employers’ insurance carrier will put obstacles between you and the money you deserve. Simple mistakes could cost you valuable compensation.

Hiring an attorney can make a massive difference in your quest for benefits. At Hasner Law, our attorneys have more than 80 years of combined experience handling complex workers’ compensation claims. We know Georgia workers’ compensation law inside and out. We know what steps need to be taken to not only secure benefits on your behalf, but to get you the maximum benefits that can be paid under the law.

When you turn to us for help after you get injured at work, all of this can benefit you. We will guide you through the process and advocate on your behalf. We’ll carefully investigate your accident and work with experts to make sure we know what your case is worth.

Our goal is to help you secure the money you need as you recover from your workplace injury or illness. We’ll work tirelessly to get you the workers’ compensation benefits you need and deserve. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation and learn more.

What our clients are saying

I was hurt on my job in 2018. When I contacted Hasner Law Firm I was assigned Jessica King as my attorney. She is very caring and knowledgeable. Her first priority was getting me to a doctor and getting me the help I needed. Mrs. King was always in contact with me and kept me informed on the status of my case. I was treated like a person not just another case on her desk. In the end I got the medical treatment I very much needed and a good settlement. Which was more than me and my family expected. I highly recommend Hasner Law Firm and the amazing staff that they have.

William P.

Let me preface this by saying, I am not an easy person to work with. That statement is especially true when I am hurting and my family is suffering. The Hasner Law Group put my family and I first. Going through the process for over a year, they were always there to ensure that I had what I needed to take care of my wife and daughter. Whenever I had questions, they answered them in a timely manner. When I had concerns or was uneasy about the process, they were able to ease my mind. Communication is key to any relationship and they made sure I never felt alone. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to my case. God bless you all.

Rees C.

This firm has given me the ability to focus on my healing and recovery. Being referred by another attorney based on his personal experience with Hasner Law firm gave me an immediate sense of their excellent reputation and I must agree. The attorneys and paralegals, and staff are compassionate professionals focused on the care and recovery of their clients.

I feel as if Stephen, Judy, and Melissa are family now. I know and trust they have me and my best interest included first in every step of the process. I couldn’t be in better hands.

Patti W.

We Can Come To You

Sometimes an injury might prevent you from making it into our office for a free consultation. We don’t want that to stop you from getting the help you need.

Our legal team would be happy to travel to you to talk about your case.

All you have to do is give us a call and set up a time to chat. Then we can come to you at home, work, or the hospital while you’re in recovery. It’s that easy.

Georgia’s No-Fault Workers’ Compensation System

In Georgia, If your employer has three or more employees, they’re legally required to have a workers’ compensation insurance policy. When an employee gets injured at work or while performing a work-related task, this insurance program can cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages, and disability – regardless of fault.

That’s right – you can qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits even if you are entirely or partly responsible for the accident that caused you to get hurt. Georgia’s no-fault system provides that any injured worker can seek and recover benefits.


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Can I Sue My Employer If They Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Atlanta?

In Georgia, the workers’ compensation system is set up to provide swift financial support for injured employees. It’s also designed to protect employers from lawsuits. If your employer has workers’ comp insurance, you’ll waive your right to sue them for injury-related damages. You’ll be required to go through the workers’ compensation system, instead.

There are limited exceptions to this rule. You may have a legitimate case against your employer if they failed to purchase a workers’ comp insurance policy or weren’t required to have it. Generally speaking, though, lawsuits against your employer will be off-limits.

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Do I qualify for Workers Compensation Benefits Under Georgia Law?

In the state of Georgia, workers’ compensation can be paid to any employees who suffer an injury at work. This applies to both full and part-time workers, but not independent contractors.

However, you don’t have to get hurt on your employer’s premises to qualify. You can also successfully secure workers’ comp benefits if you get hurt while performing a job-related task or responsibility.

For example, let’s say you’re driving a work van to transport materials to a job site in Atlanta when you get into a traffic accident. You’d qualify for workers’ comp since you were completing a task within the scope of your employment.

We Handle All Workers’ Compensation Matters in Atlanta

  • Slips and falls
  • Explosions
  • Caught in/between objects
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals or fumes
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Hit by a falling object
  • Forklift accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Defective equipment
  • Unsafe work conditions
  • Assaults or workplace violence

People get hurt and injured at work all the time. In 2017, there were more than 78,200 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses among private injury employees in Georgia. That’s an average of 214 on-the-job injuries every single day.

That figure doesn’t even cover fatal accidents or injuries suffered by public sector employees. Realistically, the number of workplace injuries every year in Georgia is much higher.

Workers’ compensation injuries stem from a wide variety of accidents that might happen on the job. At Hasner Law, we’re prepared to help you fight for compensation for any work-related injury or illness.

Give us a quick call or reach out to us online if you’ve suffered an injury or illness at work. We’re always available to take your call and help you when you need us most.

Benefits Available For Any Work-Related Injury or Illness

Under Georgia’s no-fault workers’ compensation system, you can file a claim for benefits if you’ve been hurt at work. The attorneys at Hasner Law will help you pursue compensation for all of your work-related injuries.

Overview of Georgia Workers’ Compensation Benefits

When you get hurt at work, you might experience immediate and long-term financial consequences. Under Georgia’s workers’ compensation system, you can file a claim to secure the following benefits.

  • Medical Bills

  • Temporary Total Disability

  • Temporary Partial Disability

  • Permanent Total Disability

  • Permanent Partial Disability

  • Death Benefits

The workers’ compensation system helps you get money faster than if you filed a lawsuit against your employer. However, the benefits are limited. You can’t get money for things like emotional distress or pain and suffering. Those damages would only be available if you also have a legitimate case against a negligent third party.

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How Do I File a Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Georgia?

When it comes to filing a request for workers’ compensation, Georgia has some pretty strict procedures in place. Here’s what you need to know about filing a compensation claim to receive benefits after you get hurt at work.

Once you’ve submitted your compensation claim, your employer’s insurance company will review your request for benefits. If your request is approved, you’ll begin to receive the benefits for which you’re eligible. If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, you have the right to appeal that decision and fight to get the money you believe you deserve.

You Deserve an Experienced Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer On Your Side

Have you gotten injured on the job while working in Atlanta, Georgia? If so, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can be really helpful as you get back on your feet.

Don’t let insurance companies pay you less in benefits than you deserve. Let the experienced legal team at Hasner Law help you fight to get maximum compensation. Our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers have been handling complex workers’ compensation and personal injury cases for nearly two decades. We know Georgia law and what has to be done to get money in your hands.

Contact our Atlanta law firm today to schedule a free, no-obligation case assessment at (678) 888-4878. Our team will review your case and explain your legal rights. When you decide to file a workers’ compensation claim, we’ll help you navigate the system and demand the money you deserve. There’s a limited time to act, so call us today.

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