How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia?

Stephen R. Hasner
Managing Partner at Hasner Law PC
May 10, 2024
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Being injured at work in Atlanta, GA, can be an overwhelming experience. Dealing with doctors, medical bills, loss of income, and workers’ compensation claims can be stressful. You might think you need to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer, but you are not sure you can afford the fee.

Understanding your legal rights is essential to ensure you receive the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. Consulting an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney is the best way to learn about your legal rights after a workplace injury. Our workers’ comp attorneys at Hasner Law PC, have over 80 years of combined legal experience. 

Our lawyers have a Superb Avvo Rating as a Top Attorney in Workers’ Compensation. They were also named among the Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Atlanta by in 2022.

contact our law firm Hasner Law PC to schedule a free consultation at (678) 888-4878 to discuss your case with an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney. 

How Hasner Law PC Can Help You With Your Workers’ Comp Case in Atlanta, Georgia

How Hasner Law, PC, Can Help You With Your Workers Comp Case in Atlanta, Georgia

Our Georgia workers’ compensation lawyers have experience across a wide range of industries and businesses. We represent injured workers in all types of workers’ compensation cases before the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation

Unfortunately, the workers’ comp system benefits insurance companies and employers more than injured employees. As a result, it might be difficult to receive the benefits you deserve after a work-related injury. Therefore, you might need legal advice and representation from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Georgia.

When you hire Hasner Law PC to handle your workers’ compensation case, our lawyers can:

  • Investigate your workplace injury to determine how it occurred and whether a third party is responsible for your damages
  • File claims with the workers’ compensation insurance company and handle all matters related to the claim
  • Hire experts when needed to document your injuries and damages 
  • Handle all negotiations for a workers’ compensation settlement
  • File appeals and ensure your best case is presented at every stage

Our Atlanta workers’ comp lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in workers’ compensation law. If you need to hire a workers’ compensation attorney, Hasner Law PC is the law firm you want to call.

Contact our law firm for a free case evaluation with an experienced workers’ comp attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.

Contingency Fee Arrangements for Georgia Workers’ Compensation Cases

Our attorneys at Hasner Law PC work on a contingency fee basis when we take workers’ compensation cases. Contingency fee agreements benefit injured workers. 

Instead of paying an attorney fee when you hire our law firm, our attorneys are paid when your case is completed. Our law firm receives a percentage of the amount of your workers’ comp settlement or verdict. Therefore, hiring an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer with our law firm does not cost you anything upfront.

We Begin With a Free Consultation for Workers’ Compensation Cases 

The first step is to evaluate your case during an initial consultation. We do not charge for this meeting. During the consultation, we listen to what happened to you and review any documents or evidence you have regarding your case. 

The purpose of the meeting is to inform you of your legal rights regarding a workplace accident. We also assess your situation to determine if we can help you with your workers’ comp case.

Our lawyers explain how we can help you and the fee arrangement for a workers’ compensation case. Then, if you decide to hire our law firm, we will prepare a contingency fee agreement for you to sign.

What Is the Maximum Fee an Attorney Can Charge for a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Case?

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation must approve all fee agreements for workers’ comp cases that are greater than $100. 

State law sets a maximum compensation rate for lawyers in workers’ comp cases. An attorney cannot receive more than 25% of the weekly benefits or settlement amount as payment for legal services. This contingency rate is lower than most personal injury cases, which usually have a 33% or higher contingency fee.

Generally, the compensation is limited to 400 weeks of income benefits. Additionally, the amount paid for medical benefits is not included when calculating the contingency fee for a workers’ compensation case.

A workers’ compensation lawyer could receive attorneys’ fees from the opposing party in some cases. A judge would need to determine that awarding those fees is appropriate. If so, the judge could order the employer or workers’ comp insurance company to pay the attorney for the time they spent bringing the case.

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Atlanta

Now that you know the cost of hiring an attorney for your workers’ comp case is affordable, we encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation to learn how Hasner Law PC can help you with your case. Call today for your free initial consultation with an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney.

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