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At Hasner Law, we distinguish ourselves through a personalized, strategic approach to personal injury and workers’ compensation law. Our team is composed of distinguished attorneys, each bringing unique insights and specialized skills to our practice. With the latest in legal technology and strategies, we maximize outcomes for our clients and drive rapid, significant results.

We recognize that each case is unique, necessitating tailored strategies that are best suited to the individual circumstances of each client—whether it requires straightforward negotiations or complex litigation.

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of each case’s underlying issues, which not only helps us effectively seek justice but also contributes to preventing similar incidents in the future. By prioritizing the human element in each case, we ensure a balance of assertive legal tactics and compassionate support, which respects and honors each client’s personal journey and hardships.

Through this holistic approach, we’ve successfully managed a wide array of complex cases across Georgia, achieving significant outcomes that have positively impacted our clients’ lives and enhanced community safety.


Recognizing the importance of well-informed content, we strive to create and distribute educational material that demystifies the legal process, showcases our expertise, and highlights significant case outcomes. This not only enhances our visibility but also emphasizes our commitment to client education and community safety. These efforts illustrate why establishing clear editorial guidelines is essential, ensuring all content published adheres to the highest standards of accuracy, relevance, and ethical integrity.

Contributors & Credentials

Our legal team is led by Stephen Hasner, our founding attorney with over 25 years of experience, specializing in personal injury and workers’ compensation law. Stephen’s early career on the defense side provides him with unique strategic insights into insurance company tactics, enhancing our ability to secure optimal outcomes for our clients. His dedication to family, faith, and community shapes the compassionate, client-focused culture of our firm.

Judy Blackwell, a senior attorney at Hasner Law, brings her extensive background as an Administrative Law Judge and years of defense experience, offering invaluable perspectives on judicial thought processes and legal rulings. Her tireless dedication drives her to secure the best outcomes for our clients.

Thomas Gore, from our Savannah office, leverages over 14 years of diverse legal experience to provide knowledgeable and effective representation for our clients. His understanding of both Georgia and South Carolina law enriches our firm’s capacity to handle complex legal challenges.

Pearce W.J. Taylor’s transition from defending employers to advocating for injured workers allows him to use his deep understanding of defense strategies to benefit our clients, ensuring they receive all entitled benefits under Georgia law.

Together, our legal team not only upholds the highest standards of practice but also fosters a culture of robust advocacy blended with compassionate client support. Their leadership has propelled Hasner Law to be a beacon of trust and excellence in Georgia, contributing significantly to public safety and client welfare.

Core Principles

We insist on creating high-quality content which reflects our professionalism and dedication to legal excellence. By adopting an audience-first approach, we ensure our content is accessible and relevant, enhancing the reader’s understanding and engagement with legal topics.

A human-first approach ensures our content resonates on a personal level, making our communications genuine and relatable. Upholding editorial integrity goes beyond adhering to legal standards—it builds trust and reliability, which are foundational to our client relationships.

Editorial Control

Editorial content is strictly controlled and reviewed by a team of senior legal experts at Hasner Law to ensure it aligns with current legal practices and standards. Changes and updates are managed to reflect the latest legal landscapes and client needs.

Our Audience

Our target audience includes individuals and families across Georgia who have experienced injuries or workplace accidents and are seeking comprehensive legal information and representation. This includes:

  • Individuals needing detailed guidance on workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.
  • People seeking unbiased, educational information about Georgia’s legal landscape.
  • Attorneys in Georgia looking for insights into personal injury and workers’ compensation strategies.
  • Community members interested in staying informed about legal updates and safety advocacy.

Content Types

  • Evergreen Pages: Detailed guides on personal injury and workers’ compensation laws.
  • Blog Pages: Updates on legal changes, safety tips, notable cases, and more.
  • News Pages: Coverage of recent accidents, changes in law, etc.
  • Podcasts: Discussions with legal experts, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.
  • Personal Injury Resources: Comprehensive resources dedicated to addressing the many facets of personal injury law, helping you understand your rights and options when dealing with injuries sustained due to others’ negligence.
  • Videos: Educational content and client testimonials.
  • Locations: Information about our service areas and office details.
  • Careers: Opportunities within Hasner Law.
  • Verdicts and Settlements: Summaries of past cases.

Linking Policy

Links are provided for factual substantiation, further reading, and resources. All external links are to reputable, authoritative sites, and no link represents an endorsement of any kind.


We are dedicated to accuracy and transparency. Should an error be identified in our content, we are committed to making prompt and clear corrections. This policy is integral to maintaining the trust and reliability we strive for in all our communications.