An 11-year-old boy, identified as Devonne “DJ” David, lost his life after a tragic car accident while he was out trick-or-treating near East Lake Park in Atlanta on Halloween night. In the wake of the devastating event, a GoFundMe initiative set up to cover his funeral costs surpassed its $10,000 target early Tuesday.

Atlanta law enforcement reported that David ran into traffic on the 2700 block of Memorial Drive where he was hit by a vehicle. The driver involved in the incident stayed at the scene and, as per latest reports, is not facing any criminal charges.

Local resident Wesley Fulton, who witnessed this heart-wrenching accident, described his immediate reaction to assist the injured child. Fulton, moved by the urgency of the situation, tended to the boy, who was still conscious and bleeding post-accident, until emergency services arrived. He and his sister also provided shelter to the other children present during the incident, offering them a warm refuge inside their home.

Devonne “DJ” David was a student, cherished by his local community, enrolled at KIPP WAYS Academy, a school recognized for its Afrocentric educational ethos. The untimely passing of David sent shockwaves through the community, and he is now remembered by his grieving family including his mother, two sisters, and a brother.

Source: AOL