ATLANTA – Authorities have reported a surge in motor vehicle thefts at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, with a sharp increase observed over the past month. As of March 21, there have been 81 reported thefts, which has caused concern among Atlanta City Council members who are currently seeking resolutions to this escalating issue.

Victims like Ben Williams never anticipated such incidents could happen at what is considered one of the most secure locations at the world’s busiest airport. Williams’ astonishment turned to dismay when, upon returning from his travels, he discovered his vehicle missing from the airport parking deck.

In an interaction with a security guard on the premises, it was suggested that the car theft was likely the work of thieves who had previously attempted to break into the vehicle. The security officer speculated that, having been initially thwarted, the culprits might have returned to successfully carry out the theft. According to the guard, a common tactic involves using a secondary car to piggyback through the gate unnoticed, as surveillance cameras typically capture only one vehicle at a time.

This year alone, the count of stolen vehicles from the airport’s jurisdiction, overseen by the Atlanta Police Department, stands at 81. The incidents predominantly occur within the North and South Terminal parking decks, places where cars are ostensibly easy targets.

Source: AOL