ATLANTA – A major traffic artery in Atlanta, Cheshire Bridge Road, will remain closed until May due to ongoing construction delays, city officials announced. The closure has significantly increased traffic along the Lenox Road detour, much to the chagrin of local residents.

Sherry Callan, who has lived in a northeast Atlanta neighborhood off Lenox Road for over 20 years, has seen her once quiet street transform into a bustling thoroughfare, particularly during rush hour. The area has seen an increase in traffic congestion following the collapse of the Interstate 85 bridge in 2017, and subsequent closures of Cheshire Bridge Road have only compounded the issue.

Residents like Callan express their exasperation, feeling trapped by the constant rerouting of traffic through their neighborhood every six months. The latest closure happened in December near Faulkner Road, when workers began repairs on a bridge. Although it was initially estimated that the road would partially reopen by April, the timeline has now been extended.

Additional frustration stems from the city’s slow response, as neighbors like Charissa Kash point out the impact on their daily lives, including difficulty accessing their own driveways. Despite assurances that crews are working around the clock, patience in the community is running thin.

Source: AOL