Car accident in Atlanta

In a tragic incident that occurred in suburban Atlanta, five-year-old Miles Jenness has lost his life after being struck by a vehicle allegedly driven by Michelle Wierson. The young boy sustained a traumatic brain injury and a severed spine, passing away days after the collision.

The accident unfolded as Wierson, behind the wheel of her SUV, failed to halt at a traffic light and crashed into a Toyota Corolla, which was thrust into the intersection colliding with another car. Prosecutors have charged Wierson with vehicular homicide and reckless driving, insisting upon her accountability for the fatality.

However, the defense contends Wierson’s mental state at the time should exculpate her from liability, as they claim she was legally insane during the mishap, driven by a delusional compulsion to save her daughter. Wierson has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, as she reportedly has a history of bipolar disorder and believed she was on a divine mission while speeding to her daughter’s school.

While the legal battle unfolds, prosecutors are seeking to prevent Wierson from utilizing the insanity defense during her trial. They intend to demonstrate evidence suggesting that Wierson was not adhering to her medication regime, potentially factoring into the incident. On the contrary, defense attorneys argue that such a move would undermine the integrity of the insanity defense for this and future cases.

Source: Yankton Daily Press