BURKE COUNTY, Ga. — In an astounding act of heroism, five University of Georgia students swiftly rescued three individuals from a distressing vehicle accident in Burke County, eastern Georgia. The students witnessed the harrowing scene where a car lost control and plummeted into a nearby pond along Ellison Bridge Road.

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office acknowledged the students’ courageous efforts in a statement. As per their report, upon witnessing the accident, the students immediately turned their own vehicle around and rushed to the accident spot without a second thought.

Braving the waters, Jane McArdle, Mary McCollum, Eleanor Cart, Clarke Jones, and Kaitlyn Iannace worked together to reach the partially submerged white SUV. They managed to extract the driver and two children from the sinking vehicle, ensuring their safety until further help arrived.

The sheriff’s office lauded the young women through a photo they posted, showcasing both the heroines and the aftermath of the vehicle as it lay in the pond after the crash.

Officials commended, “The quick thinking and bravery of these women is absolutely admirable. We are grateful you were in the right place at the right time.” The praise from the sheriff’s office reflects the community’s gratitude for the students’ decisive actions.

The incident’s proximity to Augusta, less than 30 miles away, stresses the importance of awareness and community support in times of emergency.

Source: 11Alive.com WXIA