Car accident in Atlanta

A collision between a car and a truck on the set of the Eddie Murphy film “The Pickup,” by Amazon MGM Studios, led to several injuries among crew members. The incident occurred on Saturday in Georgia, where the film has been in production, according to statements provided to The Associated Press by the studio and a production insider.

The accident transpired despite the scene undergoing thorough rehearsal and adherence to established safety protocols, a studio spokesperson explained. At the time of the mishap, main cast members, including Eddie Murphy, Keke Palmer, and Pete Davidson, were not present on location.

Injuries sustained by the crew ranged from minor contusions to more severe cases warranting broken bones. Among those hurt, two required hospitalization, with one individual still receiving medical care as of Tuesday. A full recovery is anticipated for all affected individuals.

The mishap took place on an exterior set near Atlanta, resulting from a truck malfunction that caused a collision with a car. This information was provided under the condition of anonymity by a person not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. They described the incident as an “unexpected freak accident” in a sequence that was neither complex nor inherently risky. The second unit, tasked with capturing supplementary scenes without the director or lead actors, was managing the shoot at that time.