Car accident in Atlanta

In a devastating incident reported in Bartow County, Georgia, a catastrophic multi-vehicle collision on I-75 resulted in the death of four members of a family, with a 5-year-old boy as the sole survivor, authorities confirmed. The tragic event occurred on a Sunday, claiming the lives of parents Dakarai Mason, 43, and Erin Mason, 35, alongside their children Brandon Crawford, 14, and 6-year-old Titus Mason.

The family was traveling northbound on I-75 in a Kia van, returning from a church event when the accident took place. According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, the Kia van inexplicably veered off its course, crossed the median into oncoming traffic, and collided with several vehicles, including a Chevy Tahoe and a Toyota 4Runner. Following the initial crash, both the Kia and the Toyota were struck by a commercial vehicle, and a Hyundai SUV subsequently hit the Chevy Tahoe.

Emergency response teams pronounced Dakarai, Erin, and Brandon dead at the scene. The two youngest siblings, Titus and Noah, initially survived the accident. However, Titus, who sustained critical injuries, was pronounced dead after being removed from life support several days later. Noah, the youngest, is expected to recover fully despite the heart-wrenching loss he has endured.

Source: Face2Face Africa