Car accident in Atlanta

In a tragic incident in Atlanta, Taraja Ramsess, a noted stuntman and actor who contributed to various Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) projects, including the well-known Black Panther films, lost his life in a car accident at age 41, along with three of his children.

Authorities reported that the accident occurred on the evening when Ramsess’ vehicle collided with a disabled tractor-trailer that was stationary in the traffic lane. The tragic event resulted in the loss of Ramsess and two of his daughters, Sundari, aged 13, and Fujibo, an 8-week-old infant. His 10-year-old son, Kisasi, was also critically injured in the collision and later died after several days in the hospital.

Akili Ramsess, Taraja’s mother, expressed her profound grief over the loss of her loved ones on her social media account. She remembered her son for his vast capacity for love, particularly for his children, and his dedication to his professional and personal passions, which included martial arts, motorcycling, and various aspects of filmmaking.

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle UK