ATLANTA – In a shocking incident in northwest Atlanta, a 14-year-old girl was wounded when unidentified assailants fired multiple bullets into her family’s residence. The incident occurred at the family’s home off Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway. Reports indicate that the violence unfolded when a car stopped in front of the property, and the occupants opened fire into the dwelling.

The teenager, identified as Desire White, was sleeping at the time of the attack. Her mother credits the girl’s backpack for potentially saving her life, as a bullet penetrated the bag before striking her daughter. The event has left the family desperate for a new, safer place to live, expressing concern and disbelief over why their home was targeted.

The late-night tranquility was shattered just after midnight when the family’s routine winding down was interrupted by the sound of gunfire. The mother, who was at home with her two children, describes feeling the heat and wall fragments from bullet impacts as she tried to take cover. Desire’s screams alerted her to the fact that her daughter had been hit, resulting in an immediate emergency response.

The mother, currently pregnant, recounts the harrowing experience of her daughter getting shot in the leg, which inflicted a burning sensation that abruptly woke her. The family strongly believes that the 8th-grade student at Kipp Woodson Academy received some level of protection from the backpack she had been using.

Source: AOL