In a tragic industrial accident in Evans, Georgia, a young woman lost her life under distressing circumstances. On a recent Friday night, less than 10 miles from the community of Augusta, Alyssa Drinkard, a 21-year-old contractor working at the Club Car facility, succumbed to fatal injuries sustained during her shift.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office reported that the accident occurred when Drinkard mistakenly dropped her earbuds under a piece of machinery. In her attempt to retrieve them, she became entangled in the conveyor system’s chain and was pinned by the belt. Her colleagues, present during the incident, rushed to her aid but were unable to free her from the grip of the machine.

The facility’s maintenance staff contacted emergency services and halted operations to dismantle the equipment. When first responders reached the scene, an extensive operation involving cutting the metal structure was necessary to extricate Drinkard, who by that point was non-responsive and showed no signs of breathing.

Transported to a nearby hospital, Drinkard was declared dead the following day due to the injuries she endured. A witness to the accident, also a colleague, remembered Drinkard as the “sweetest friend,” highlighting the community’s loss.

Source: Atlanta Black Star