A traffic collision involving a public transit bus and a passenger car resulted in a multi-hour closure of a key intersection in Riverdale, Georgia, on Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred when the driver of a vehicle reportedly ran a red light and collided with a Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) bus, subsequently causing both to crash into a nearby utility pole. This event unfolded in the suburb located to the south of Atlanta.

Following the accident, emergency responders transported the driver of the car, one bus passenger, and the bus driver to the hospital. As of yet, the severity of their injuries remains unspecified.

Witnesses at the scene described a loud sound at the time of the crash. One regular bus user, in the vicinity on his way to work, expressed his immediate concern for the wellbeing of those involved. The impact left the bus with significant damage at the front, while the car was turned onto its side.

Investigations into the crash are ongoing, with officials looking to determine the precise causes and liabilities of the incident. Traffic was diverted, and authorities worked on-site to manage clean-up operations and restore normalcy to the affected intersection.

Source: Yahoo Movies UK