Car accident in Atlanta

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Tuesday afternoon witnessed a jarring incident as an SUV crashed into the Burger King located at 445 Grayson Highway in Lawrenceville, resulting in injuries to several individuals present at the scene. The Lawrenceville Police Department confirmed the occurrence of the accident, which led to the temporary closure of the fast-food establishment due to significant structural damage.

A report from local authorities detailed that multiple patrons inside the Burger King sustained minor injuries. Additionally, the individual operating the SUV was transported to a nearby medical facility, also suffering from minor injuries. The driver is now facing charges including reckless driving among other traffic-related infractions.

Lawrenceville Police provided visual evidence showing the extent of the damage to the building, with the SUV appearing heavily damaged amidst the debris. Reports indicate that Lawrenceville PD is leading the investigation into the exact cause of the crash.

Witnesses at the scene observed the aftermath, where the interior of the Burger King was left with shattered glass and damaged furniture, creating a scene of disarray as emergency response teams and cleanup crews began their efforts to restore order.

As this incident unfolds, the police have ensured continuous updates will be provided. In the meantime, Lawrenceville PD is urging the community to stay away from the crash site to allow for cleanup operations and thorough investigation.

Source: WXIA