An Atlanta-based youth travel baseball team is in mourning following the unexpected death of their assistant coach, Doug Davis, during a game on Friday at Lake Point Sports, Emerson. Davis suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed while coaching, according to local news outlets Fox affiliate WAGA-TV and ABC affiliate WSB-TV.

The tragedy unfolded during a game where the silence at the ballpark was palpable as the coach was attended to. DC Academy’s head coach, Sam Ray, described the atmosphere as “scary” and “eerie,” a scenario no one wanted to witness.

Rival coach Jeff Owens from the Canes Sports team, who was present at the time of Davis’s collapse, recounted the immediate efforts to assist: “Nurses and doctors from the stands rushed onto the field.” Owens described the moment as deeply devastating and difficult to articulate. He also emphasized the tight-knit nature of the North Georgia baseball community, noting the quick support offered by those around.

Coach Sam Ray, who had been coaching alongside Davis for three years, expressed his profound connection with his colleague, whom he considered a brother. Ray was by Davis’s side during his final moments, a memory he claimed would stay with him forever.

Source: Yahoo Movies Canada