In a concerning uptick of incidents, Savannah Fire has responded to 13 cases this year involving children left in locked vehicles, surpassing the number of similar cases in the previous year. Brian Gallagher, the Public Information Officer for Savannah Fire, underscored the risks associated with leaving children unattended in cars, even for seemingly brief errands. As temperatures rise, the department is urging parents to always take children with them when exiting the vehicle.

With the approach of warmer weather, the interior of parked cars can become life-threatening within minutes, even on moderately warm days. Savannah Fire warns of the dangers and the swift escalation to fatal temperatures that can occur in closed vehicles. Thankfully, all reported incidents have had positive outcomes for the involved children.

Savannah Fire’s protocol involves using specialized tools to access the vehicle and rescue the child, but if a child appears to be at immediate risk, exhibiting signs of heat stroke or unresponsiveness, firefighters will take emergency actions to ensure the child’s safety.

The department has also reminded the public that the risks extend to pets, who should not be left in vehicles for any duration. While the majority of calls have concerned children, a pet has also been rescued from a locked car under similar circumstances. The guidelines for safeguarding pets are the same as those for children—no living being should be left inside a parked vehicle.

Source: Fox28 Savannah