Car accident in Savannah

In Statesboro, a tragic car accident occurred on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway early Monday morning, resulting in the death of a young mother and severe injuries to her child.

At approximately 8:30 a.m., Michelle Lynn Lewis, 25, was driving between Fair Road and Brannen Street when her vehicle swerved off the road, crossed the median, and collided with a ditch at an emergency access point. Georgia State Patrol Trooper First-Class Tyler Rickman reported that the impact caused the car to become airborne and flip multiple times, which led to Lewis being thrown from the vehicle.

Her son, 5-year-old Ricky Lewis, was transported to Memorial Hospital in Savannah in critical condition after sustaining serious injuries despite being secured in his booster seat and seatbelt. Hailey Lewis, his 8-year-old sister, also suffered injuries and was initially treated at East Georgia Regional Medical Center before being transferred to Memorial Hospital for further care and observation.

The accident prompted law enforcement to close a section of Veterans Memorial Parkway to manage the scene and conduct a preliminary investigation into the incident. The tragic event highlights the crucial importance of vehicular safety and the unpredictability of accidents on the road.

Source: Statesboro Herald