On Friday afternoon, a severe vehicular incident involving a train and a truck occurred at the crossing of Old River Road and Maria Sorrell Road. Emergency services were dispatched to the scene, where they found the truck had been struck by an oncoming train.

At the crash site, first responders found a woman and two children with injuries; they were quickly transported to a nearby hospital by emergency medical services for treatment. The truck driver was discovered in critical condition, with his legs trapped within the mangled wreckage of the vehicle.

Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office, represented by Sgt. Tracy Miller, stated that the identity of the truck driver was not immediately available. Due to the nature of his injuries, the driver was promptly airlifted to a medical facility in Savannah. Despite the seriousness of the incident, it was reported that the injuries sustained were of a non-life-threatening nature.

Upon arrival, emergency workers witnessed the challenging situation of the truck immobilized on the railroad tracks, with considerable damage evident from the impact with the train. Experienced personnel worked meticulously to free the driver from the destroyed cabin of the truck, a procedure requiring specialized rescue equipment and techniques.

The local authorities are currently investigating the precise circumstances that led to this accident. Once the investigation is concluded, updates and a comprehensive report of the collision will be provided through the Statesboro Herald’s website, with a detailed account set to appear in the Saturday.

Source: Statesboro Herald