Car accident in Savannah

A car accident in Savannah, Georgia has left a dog named Pigeon paralyzed, resulting in the loss of the use of her hind legs. The unfortunate incident led to her being abandoned by her original owner, but a kind-hearted individual, Erica, has since adopted Pigeon, giving the disabled dog a new lease on life.

Erica, who operates a dog-sitting business, was drawn to Pigeon after seeing a picture of her, noting a striking resemblance to her own dog that had passed away. Despite being paralyzed, Pigeon exhibited an incredible zest for life which immediately inspired her new owner.

With a natural resilience, Pigeon amazed Erica with her remarkable energy, displaying a surprising degree of mobility and high spirits in her new environment. This was despite an initial belief that Pigeon would require substantial assistance.

Following a surgical procedure to alleviate any pain and discomfort, the brave canine learned to adapt to her new life, buoyantly moving around. However, to further improve her quality of life, Erica decided that a wheelchair would provide Pigeon with the opportunity to move more freely and to truly experience running.

To obtain a wheelchair for Pigeon, Erica turned to Eddie’s Wheels, a group dedicated to creating custom mobility devices for animals. After being properly fitted, Pigeon showed profound joy and excitement, indicating a significant enhancement to her mobility and well-being.

Source: InspireMore