While office workers are not immune to back injuries at work, people who lift and carry heavy objects as a routine part of their daily job responsibilities are at higher risk of back injuries. A study by the University of Minnesota found that back injuries are among the most prevalent and costly work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the United States.

Lower-back pain is a problem for roughly a million employees in the United States every year. It causes more lost work days than any other musculoskeletal disorder. In 2015, back injuries caused people to lose more than 347,000 days of work, a median of seven days per incidence. While most workers with back injuries quickly return to work, those who do not account for a significant percentage of related health care costs.

What Are the Major Causes of Work-Related Back Injuries?

Several common factors lead to back injuries in the workplace. Several common factors are:

  • Insufficient training: Lifting technique is a safety procedure, and too often employers assume that people know how to lift objects safely. Often, employers provide no training in lifting techniques.
  • Improper lifting technique: When training in proper lifting techniques is provided, it often is provided only once. Employers, however, need to regularly provide proper back safety training to ensure that employees do not settle into bad habits that can lead to back injuries. Constant reinforcement of back safety skills is vital. Supervisors must immediately correct improper lifting techniques when they see them.
  • Skewed perception of risk: Employees who are required to lift things regularly can become injured by the strain of the effort they exert on a routine basis. This can make employees more likely to diverge from safe practices and make mistakes that lead to injuries.
  • Frustration and rushing: Short deadlines and extended hours to meet those deadlines can result in employees feeling frustrated and rushed. These can affect whether employees remember to use proper lifting techniques on the job.

The workers’ compensation system covers most workplace injuries and limits your compensation for injuries suffered on the job to the amount prescribed by state law and regulations. However, there are exceptions. Consulting an attorney in the event of a workplace back injury is always prudent.

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