Ah, the joy of cycling! It’s hard to beat the exhilarating feeling of a light breeze on your shoulders, fresh air in your lungs, and the sun on your face as you bike through Savannah’s beautiful city streets. Bike riding is a wonderful form of exercise that’s excellent for the environment and highly affordable. A good bike ride lifts your spirits, leaving you rejuvenated. As a result of the many benefits of cycling, more people are forgoing motor vehicles and turning to bikes as a convenient and efficient form of transportation. Savannah’s CATBike program additionally makes bicycles readily accessible to the city’s residents, encouraging this healthy trend.

The Dangers Cyclists Often Face

Although there are numerous benefits to riding a bike, the activity also carries some inherent danger. A cyclist in Savannah sustained serious injuries in an accident earlier this year after his bike was struck from behind by a motor vehicle. This incident—along with many others—has increased awareness of the safety concerns faced by cyclists. Collisions with motor vehicles are the leading cause of injury to bike riders. Under Georgia law, motorists and cyclists have the right to be on the road and must share it respectfully and safely in order to minimize loss of life and limb.

Tips to Help Keep You Safe

Cyclists can decrease the chances of an injury on Georgia roads by following these simple and effective safety guidelines:

  • Keep your bicycle well-maintained, paying special attention to the chains and brakes.
  • Always wear a properly fitting helmet that allows you to have full visibility.
  • Wear brightly colored, reflective clothing, day and night, especially on your legs, as drivers are more likely to see the moving parts of the body.
  • Affix a high quality light on the front of your bike and a blinking light on its tail, as well as on the backs of your shoes.
  • Forgo headphones and other devices and distractions.
  • Follow the rules of the road regarding designated lanes, your speed, and passing.
  • Signal to drivers well ahead of time so that there’s no uncertainty regarding your next maneuver.
  • Bicycle cautiously, staying mindful of traffic at intersections, where many accidents occur.
  • Give parked vehicles a wide berth so as not to get surprised and clipped by opening doors.
  • Avoid riding in a vehicle’s blind spot.
  • Cycle defensively, remaining aware of surroundings and all movement around you. Keep in mind that some drivers may speed or pay attention to cell phones or other dangerous distractions and may not see you.

If an Accident Occurs

Abiding by these precautions can certainly boost your safety on the road as a cyclist. However, accidents do happen at times as a result of the safety issues that are inherent to bike riding. It’s helpful to know what to do if an accident occurs. In the event of an accident:

  • Remember that your health and the health of others involved are the top priority. Seek immediate medical attention for any injuries.
  • Quickly move out of the way of any oncoming traffic to avoid further injury.
  • Exchange identifying information with the other party. Avoid making any statements as to fault or about the details of the accident.
  • Do not accept any settlement that may be offered before contacting an attorney.

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