The time has come – your teenager has passed their driving test and has their license – at least their intermediate license. While intermediate licenses in Georgia do have many restrictions to keep novice drivers safe, holders of these licenses are no longer required to have an adult with them and can take the car on their own. The two years with an intermediate license are important for teens to get comfortable behind the wheel without many distractions. However, you will always worry about your teen making a mistake that leads to an accident.

Taking a driver’s education course and practicing driving with a permit can help teach your teen basic driving skills. However, this learning often mostly addresses other cars and does not spend a lot of time addressing the most dangerous vehicles on the road – large commercial trucks.

These trucks weigh up to 80,000 pounds and can destroy a smaller vehicle in a collision, often resulting in devastating injuries to drivers and passengers in the smaller vehicle. Because of the serious risks, it is always wise to specifically discuss safe driving tips around trucks with your teen driver.

  • Give them space – Because of their size and weight, large trucks take longer to slow down and stop than most other vehicles. Therefore, you never want to change lanes directly in front of a truck, assuming it will be able to slow down without hitting you. Also, if there are sharp turns, try not to drive alongside a truck, as it may need to use part of that lane. Never follow a truck too closely, as it can brake suddenly, causing you to crash into the back of the trailer and even cause an underride accident.
  • Know blind spots – Commercial trucks have substantial blind spots, commonly referred to as “no-zones.” These blind spots exist on both sides of a trailer, behind the truck, on the passenger side of the cab, and more. Try to avoid these zones as much as possible and if you must pass a truck, do so without lingering in a blind spot.
  • Notice signs of erratic driving – Commercial truck drivers can make mistakes and poor decisions like anyone else. Truck drivers may be impaired, overly fatigued, distracted, or aggressive. If you notice any unusual behavior from a truck driver – such as tailgating, speeding, or swerving – stay as far away from that truck as possible. It could be a sign that the driver is engaging in negligent behavior that can easily result in a serious crash.

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