When you think of jobs with injury risks, you may think of construction, manufacturing, and similar industries involving heavy machinery and tools. However, almost any type of job comes with certain injury risks – and this includes retail work. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) issued a report indicating that the retail industry had the second-highest number of injuries in the United States – second only to manufacturing. In one year, nearly 850,000 wholesale and retail workers suffered injuries at work. The following were the main causes for injuries to retail workers:

  • Getting hit by an object
  • Overexertion-related injuries, including sprains and strains
  • Slip and falls
  • Falls from heights
  • Transportation accidents

There are many reasons that retail workers are at risk for accidents and injuries on the job and the following are only a few examples.


While many retail establishments hire additional workers for the holiday rush, many people are then laid off as the new year begins. The remaining workers are left with many extra tasks and some tasks can be neglected. For example, with more workers, it is easier to regularly inspect the store for hazards that may cause slip and falls or similar accidents. Fewer workers often means additional hazards remain and people can be injured.

In addition, retail workers may be expected to perform many different tasks, such as stocking and restocking shelves. This may involve heavy lifting, pushing heavy carts, and other tasks that may result in back injuries and more. Understaffing can also require staff to work longer shifts and exhaustion and fatigue can lead to mistakes on the job that can cause injuries.

“The Customer Is Always Right”

Many shoppers can be impatient, and, if they need something, there is pressure on retail workers to act quickly. Anytime someone is rushing around, they can cut corners and be careless, which can cause accidents and injuries. In addition, anyone working as a delivery person for a retail establishment is likely on a strict time schedule due to customer service expectations and is at risk of injury in traffic accidents.

Inexperienced Workers

While some people make a career in retail, this is a first job for many people. Retail stores tend to hire inexperienced people at a high rate and workers who are unfamiliar with the demands of retail work can be careless and make mistakes. Often, these mistakes – such as leaving boxes in walkways or failing to report a hazard – can lead other workers to suffer injuries.

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