Everybody needs sleep. Studies show that without adequate sleep, an individual’s motor skills and cognitive abilities suffer. When a lack of sleep affects an individual at work, the results can be disastrous.

According to a report published by EHS Today, approximately 63 percent of Americans say that they experience sleep deprivation during the workweek.. If you are finding yourself becoming drowsy at work and making mistakes, you need to change your sleep schedule and find a way to go to work well-rested. Doing so can help you avoid an on-the-job injury. If one does occur, though, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses through a workers’ compensation claim.

The Risks of Working without Enough Sleep Can Cause Workplace Injuries

The dangers of working without having had enough sleep are well documented. By going to work tired, you put yourself and your colleagues at risk of injury, especially if you work with heavy machinery or toxic materials.

The report by EHS Today lists 10 dangers of sleep deprivation and how they can affect workers, which include the following:

  • Poor risk judgment. Sleep deprivation is linked with greater risk-taking behavior, which comes from a decreased ability to accurately judge the risks that accompany an action.
  • Decreased communication skills. If you cannot effectively communicate with others in your workplace, the chance that somebody will be injured in a workplace accident increases.
  • Inappropriate behavior. Your judgment skills are impaired when you lose sleep. This can lead to mood swings and inappropriate behavior, which can affect how you work and interact with others.

Tips for Going to Work Well Rested

Fortunately, it is easy to improve your sleep quality so you arrive at work well-rested and ready to take on the day.

  • Adhere to a sleep schedule. Train yourself to fall asleep and rise at specific times by developing a sleep routine. Once you become accustomed to your bedtime and wake time, it will be easier to get the recommended amount of sleep.
  • Know how much sleep you need. Information from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard University sheds great light on sleep requirements for different individuals. Women, on average, need more sleep than men. Older adults often find it difficult to sleep through a seven or eight-hour block and instead sleep in shorter bursts throughout the day. By determining how much sleep you need, you can build a schedule that works for you.
  • Avoid sleep-altering substances at bedtime. Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine can all affect your sleep quality. Avoid these during the hours leading up to your bedtime to make it easier to sleep. Food, too, can play a role in your sleep quality – too much or too little can make it hard to sleep soundly.
  • Minimize screen time. Turn off the television, cell phone and computer an hour before you go to bed. By cutting your connection to emails, social media, and the constant stimulation from these devices, you make it easier for yourself to relax and fall asleep easily.

Your Right to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Work-related accidents happen. If you are injured in an accident that occurred in your workplace, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. These losses might include your medical bills, your lost wages, and expenses related to job rehabilitation and training.

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