With spring comes the lure of the open roadand if you ride a motorcycle, you are probably looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the season on your bike. Unfortunately, however, this welcome change in the season does not mean that the motorists with whom you share the road will necessarily look out for motorcyclists in their midst. Before springs arrival is an opportune time to revisit the safety rules of the road.

Stay Safe out There

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that motorcyclists are 27 times more likely than other motorists to become traffic fatalities (based on data from 2014). In response, the NHTSA offers a series of tips to help you and your fellow motorcyclists stay safe this spring (and every season):

  • Make yourself visible Because you obviously take up much less space on your bike than you do in your car, motorists have a more difficult time seeing you when you ride. As such, become proactive in making yourself visible. This includes riding with your headlight on, staying out of other drivers blind spots, wearing safety gear that incorporates reflective material, and ensuring that your motorcycle includes reflective elements.
  • Signal your intentions When riding your bike, always signal your intention to turn or to change lanes. In addition, take care to slow down and stop gradually and smoothly whenever possible. You are safest when other motorists can accurately anticipate your intentions.
  • Keep your eyes on the road Potholes and other forms of disrepair on our roadways are a byproduct of winter and a given every spring. When riding your bike, look out for these obstacles to safe travel and do everything you can to either avoid or safely maneuver through such hindrances.
  • Gear up When you ride, all you have between you and the impact of an accident is your safety gear. Donning a well-fitting, well-made helmet every single time you ride can literally mean the difference between life and death (and it is the law in Georgia). Protective clothing and footwear can also help defend you from lacerations, burns, and road rash.
  • Get training If you are new to the joys of riding or simply want to improve your skills, seek motorcycle safety training, which can help expand your ability to handle risky situations and to ride more safely overall.

Motorcycles are more dangerous than other motor vehicles, but you can help ensure your safety and better enjoy your rides this spring.

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