In the last ten years, the number of rollover accidents has steadily increased across both Georgia and the rest of the country. This phenomenon has at least partially been linked to the increased use of SUVs and passenger vans, which generally have higher centers of gravity and are more prone to rolling over. Rollover accidents tend to have particularly severe consequences, so if you were involved in a rollover accident that was not your fault, you should contact an experienced car accident lawyer who can explain your legal options.

Common Causes

Because top-heavy vehicles, such as SUVs, do not handle quick turns well, they are much more likely to roll in the event of a sudden maneuver. Tire tread failure, defective brakes, and poor suspension can all increase a driver’s chance of being involved in one of these types of crashes. In fact, tire blowouts have proved to be a leading cause of SUV rollovers. Tripping, which occurs when one of a vehicle’s tires strikes a curb or other object and then lurches sideways, is also particularly dangerous for drivers of SUVs.

Regardless of the cause, rollovers almost always involve substantial vehicle damage, which makes it much more likely that occupants will be injured by broken glass or metal shards. Rollovers also tend to result in crushed roofs, which can trap occupants inside a vehicle until emergency responders are able to extract them. This can prove deadly for occupants who may be suffering from one of the following serious injuries:

  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Deep lacerations
  • Organ damage and internal bleeding.

Even when treated, some of these injuries leave accident victims permanently disabled. The last things these individuals need to worry about is how to cover the mounting medical bills required to cover the cost of treatment. Fortunately, when injured parties can demonstrate that someone else’s negligence caused the accident, they may be eligible to collect reimbursement for past medical expenses as well as compensation for future bills. However, proving fault can be difficult and may require the aid of reconstruction specialists who can measure skid marks, gouges, and points of impact to help recreate the events leading up to and during the accident.

Who Is Liable?

Although most rollover accidents involve a single driver, injured parties can still recover damages. Potentially liable parties include vehicle manufacturers whose negligence led to the use of a defective design, improper assembling, or the use of inferior parts. Individual parts manufacturers can also be held liable if their negligence contributed to a rollover.

For example, Ford was recently found liable for a defective design that made its vehicles prone to rolling over. However, during the course of the investigation, it was discovered that the Firestone tires used by Ford were also flawed and had a high rate of tread separation and blowouts at high speeds. Because both of these companies were negligent in designing and warning consumers, they were both held accountable for resulting injuries.

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