Original Post date: July 8, 2013. Updated to reflect current laws May 13, 2016.

Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Decoded

Sometimes Georgia’s workers’ compensation system seems like it has more acronyms than that of the U.S. government!  TTD, ATP, PPD, etc.  You need the workers’ compensation attorneys at Hasner Law just to translate the work comp-case.

Here’s the “cliff-notes” version:

  • TTD = Temporary Total Disability
    • You’re completely out of work by a note from your ATP (see below)
    • This entitles you to 2/3 of your AWW (again, defined below)
    • Max = $550 (depends on date of accident). This will increase to $575 for accidents after 7/1/16
  • TPD = Temporary Partial Disability
    • You’ve been released to light-duty work with certain physical restrictions from your ATP
    • If you’re back to work and making less than your pre-injury AWW, you’re eligible for monetary benefits
    • Max = $350 (depends on date of accident). This will increase to $383 for accidents after 7/1/16
  • PPD = Permanent Partial Disability
    • This benefit is payable based upon a percentage given by your ATP in accordance with current AMA Guidelines. Not all injuries result in ratings assigned by a physician.
  • AWW = Average Weekly Wage
    • Calculated based on 13 weeks of pre-injury wages
    • If you didn’t work for the employer that entire 13 weeks, then the wages of a similar employer are used to calculate your AWW
  • CR = Compensation Rate
    • 2/3 of your AWW
    • This is the amount work comp actually pays you while you’re out of work
  • ATP = Authorized Treating Physician
  • IME = Independent Medical Exam
    • The employer/insurer might choose to send you to an independent doctor for his/her opinion
    • Your workers’ compensation attorney at Hasner Law might choose to send you to an independent doctor.
  • FCE = Functional Capacity Examination
    • Your doctor might send you for one of these lengthy physical tests to determine whether or not you are capable of performing your previous job duties.

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