In Wayne County, a traffic collision has resulted in the apprehension of an individual on multiple charges. Authorities responded to an accident in the town of Savannah, which led to the discovery of a more complex situation involving property and theft.

The suspect, now identified as a male from Auburn, was charged with criminal possession of stolen property and grand larceny, relating to an event that transpired in 2020. Additional investigation brought to light an outstanding warrant from Lyons Town Court where the individual had been wanted for petit larceny.

Following the accident, the Auburn man was taken into custody and transported to Wayne County Jail. There, he is set to undergo CAP arraignment procedures in front of judicial authorities.

Details regarding the circumstances of the car accident have not been completely disclosed, and further investigation into the incident is ongoing. The authorities have not released additional information regarding potential injuries or damages resulting from the accident.

This incident highlights the multifaceted nature of routine traffic stops and accident responses, which can occasionally lead to uncovering unrelated criminal activities. Law enforcement officials have emphasized the importance of these procedures for maintaining public safety and acting upon outstanding legal charges.

The local community has been advised to expect brief updates as investigations continue and additional facts come to light. Interested parties are invited to follow official releases from the Wayne County law enforcement agencies.

Source: Finger Lakes Daily News