Stephen Hasner: There are various types of workers’ compensation cases and accidents, but let’s consider an example: someone working in a factory lifts a box and immediately feels pain in their back. The next step, according to workers’ comp law, is to notify the employer. Contacting the supervisor promptly is crucial, providing details of the incident and specifying the injured body parts.

Once reported, if injured, seeking medical care is necessary. Requesting to see a doctor is vital, especially considering Georgia’s workers’ comp law, which allows employers to have a panel of physicians. However, employers may not always adhere to this process, sometimes directing individuals to specific clinics. Legally, individuals have the right to choose a doctor from the panel.

Hiring a lawyer early on can be beneficial, as they can assist in selecting the best doctor from the panel. Consistency in communication is key; what is reported to the employer should match what is told to the doctor, ensuring all injuries are documented for potential future treatments.

When contacting our office, an intake team collects information to assess the viability of the case. Upon confirmation, a workers’ comp contract is sent, assigning the case to specialized attorneys and paralegals. The initial call with the paralegal involves discussing the case comprehensively to develop a plan of action.

Medical care consistency and obtaining deserved weekly checks are fundamental aspects of any workers’ compensation case. Filing a claim is not always necessary if treatment and checks are in progress, but filing a notice of claim is standard procedure to protect against statute limitations.

Selecting the right lawyer is crucial, with recommendations and reviews being valuable resources. At Hasner Law, our contract operates on a contingency fee basis, ensuring no fees unless compensation is recovered. Evaluating a case involves considering weekly checks, medical treatment, and potential disability benefits, with lawyers focused on maximizing compensation.

Throughout the process, clients are kept informed, receiving consistent communication and updates. The duration of a case varies based on its complexity and severity, ranging from months to potentially years. Most cases settle without going to trial, but some may require litigation.

In conclusion, if you’re injured in a workers’ compensation or any accident, contacting Hasner Law for assistance is recommended.

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