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June 5, 2024

Key Takeaways About Motorcycle Accidents in Alpharetta

  • Consequences of Accidents: Motorcycle accidents can result in life-altering injuries due to the lack of safety features like airbags. Victims impacted by negligent drivers can seek compensation for their extensive injuries and losses.
  • Legal Assistance: Hasner Law provides experienced legal support for motorcycle accident victims, focusing on relieving legal burdens and aggressively protecting their rights and interests.
  • Establishing Negligence: Successful claims require proving the other party’s negligence, including breach of duty and causation of injuries. Hasner Law investigates to identify all liable parties, including drivers and manufacturers.
  • Gathering Evidence: Key evidence like photos, footage, and eyewitness accounts is crucial. Hasner Law helps collect this evidence, mindful of Georgia’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims.

Riding a motorcycle offers a sense of freedom and exhilaration unmatched by other vehicles. However, accidents involving motorcycles often result in significant injuries due to the lack of protective features typically found in cars, such as airbags and steel frames. If a motorcyclist is struck by a vehicle, the consequences can be life-altering, affecting every facet of the victim’s life. When motorcycle accidents are caused by another driver’s negligence, they may have the right to pursue damages through a personal injury claim. 

At Hasner Law, our legal team understands the profound impact a motorcycle accident can have on your life. We bring over a century of combined experience to support victims of motorcycle accidents. Our approach is centered on alleviating the burdens of the legal process so you can focus on your recovery. We understand the unique challenges of motorcycle accident cases and are prepared to fight aggressively to protect your rights and interests.

How an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You

After a motorcycle accident, victims often contend with confusion and stress as they cope with their injuries. At Hasner Law, our skilled Alpharetta motorcycle accident attorneys are dedicated to helping motorcycle accident victims pursue justice for their losses as they devote 100% of their energy to their healing process. We take on the complex task of filing your claim, relentlessly advocating for a favorable settlement. However, we are prepared to take your case to trial to protect your rights and interests. We are skilled negotiators and can work with all parties on your behalf to help ensure you can achieve justice for your losses.

Our attorneys aim to recover benefits that cover the full scope of your accident-related injuries and losses. This may include benefits for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional and physical trauma. We are committed to fighting for damages for all of your economic and non-economic losses. Our Alpharetta, Georgia motorcycle accident lawyers understand no two accidents are exactly the same and have many different impacts on victims. We are committed to evaluating your current and expected needs as we fight for the damages you are owed.

Establishing Negligence in a Georgia Motorcycle Accident Claim

If someone else’s negligence caused your motorcycle accident, you may have the right to file a claim against the liable party and hold them accountable for your losses. However, successful motorcycle accident claims must meet specific standards of proof to prove the other driver’s negligence. To successfully establish liability, your Alpharetta motorcycle accident lawyer must prove the following essential elements:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care to obey traffic laws and avoid accidents
  • The defendant breached the duty of care by acting negligently
  • This breach of duty caused the collision
  • The accident caused your injuries and other losses

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, you may be able to pursue benefits from a driver, parts or equipment manufacturer, or government agency responsible for ensuring the roads are kept safe. Your Hasner Law attorney will investigate your case to determine who may be held accountable for the injuries and other losses you have endured. 

Evidence to Help Determine Liability

Evidence is vital in any motorcycle accident claim and can help your Hasner Law attorney prove the negligent party’s role in causing the collision. A few pieces of evidence that can support your claim and help your attorney hold the negligent party fully accountable include the following:

  • Photos of the accident scene, your motorcycle, or any injuries you suffered
  • Dash cam or security footage
  • Eyewitness testimonies
  • The clothes and safety equipment you were wearing during the accident
  • The police report 
  • Your medical expenses and records

After your accident, it is essential to contact a Hasner Law Alpharetta, GA motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Crucial evidence may be destroyed as time passes, and witnesses may move away or forget details about the accident. Additionally, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Georgia is only two years from the accident date for bodily injuries and four years from the accident date for property damage. If you miss this critical deadline, you may be unable to pursue compensation for the losses you have endured. A trusted Hasner Law attorney can gather the evidence and paperwork necessary to ensure you can file before the statute of limitations expires. 

Discuss Your Case With an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney at Hasner Law

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, an experienced attorney from Hasner Law can help you pursue justice. We take a personalized approach to every case and can tailor our services to your unique needs. Our Alpharetta, GA motorcycle accident attorneys understand how challenging the aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be and are here to support you throughout Georgia’s complex legal process.

To schedule a free consultation with a member of our seasoned legal team, call us at (678) 928-8784 or complete our contact form today. 

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