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Amputation is the removal of a limb or extremity by a surgeon. An amputation is always a life-changing event and one that requires both significant rehabilitation and a massive change in lifestyle.

If you have suffered from a workplace accident that leads to amputation, it is important that you contact an Atlanta workers compensation lawyer from Hasner Law to advocate for all your rights under the law.

What Causes Amputation?

According to the amputee coalition, the most common causes of amputation include:

  • Vascular disease (54%)
  • Trauma (45%)
  • Cancer (>2%)

Of the three, trauma can be seen as both the most surprising and most preventable. While trauma does cover a wide range of issues that include both simple accidents and medical malpractice, another common cause of amputation tends to be accidents that occur in the workplace. As such, the risk of amputation is very real for individuals who work around heavy equipment, vehicles or other types of equipment that can cause severe trauma to the limbs.

Rehabilitation and Treatment

The treatment and recovery process for amputation differs by individual and by the limb or extremity removed. What is common among all amputees is that recovery is a long and often arduous process.

The most basic tasks may have to be re-taught to an individual after losing his or her limb, and this requires a significant amount of physical and/or occupational therapy. The process does not stop when the individual learns how to walk again or to make use of his or her altered limb. Activities of daily living must be re-learned, and adaptation to new circumstances may occur. The therapy may cost tens of thousands of dollars over the course of many years, and may not be completely effective in allowing an individual to return to his or her former career.

An often-overlooked cost is counseling. Losing a limb is a major psychological trauma, and many amputees are plagued with a sense of loss. One’s pre-amputation life can be difficult to recapture, and many individuals find themselves in need of significant help. Again, this sort of recovery is neither perfect nor inexpensive – therapy costs can quickly add up. If you are in need of a well experienced amputation injury attorney in Atlanta, GA, contact us today.

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