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Hip injuries are surprisingly common, yet they are still the cause of a great deal of stress. When an employee injures his or her hips, it can be just the beginning of a very long journey towards recovery.

Causes of Hip Injuries

Hip injuries have many sources, some of which may surprise you. While most consider a hip injury the result of a major accident, improper workplace conditions can also lead to a hip injury. Some causes include:

  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Ergonomically unsound office chairs
  • Heavy-equipment injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries

Hip Injury Rehabilitation

Hip injuries are often difficult from a rehabilitation standpoint. Restoring mobility is a major concern. Many individuals who have hip injuries must re-learn how to undertake basic activities of daily living. In the short term, recovery from hip surgery or even a total hip replacement will take four to six weeks. Full recovery, if it is even possible, may take even longer. In some cases, doctors note that full recovery can take as long as a year – and even this may not return an individual completely to his or her former level of mobility.

The costs of a hip injury begin to add up quickly. Most severe injuries require surgery – be it for a fracture or a more serious injury that requires a full replacement, as this is usually an inpatient procedure. Following the procedures, injured parties will be expected to stay in the hospital until they are moved to an in-patient rehabilitation facility. This stay can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the individual’s health and other factors. Once sufficiently rehabilitated, Medical News Today reports that most individuals with severe hip injuries can expect at least six months of outpatient physical rehabilitation.

Actual rehabilitation is only part of the expense incurred when an employee injures his or her hip. A variety of drugs are prescribed during the process, ranging from anti-inflammatory prescriptions to pain medications. Hip injuries also require the employee to restrict most of his or her movements, causing more severe problems for those individuals with particularly active jobs. Even those who find themselves working in office settings may be required to stay away from work for an extended period of time, as even activities like sitting in a chair or walking into the office can cause unnecessary strain.

Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

If you have suffered a hip injury at work, it may be the responsibility of your employer to help you through the process. If you suffer from a hip injury sustained on the job, contact Hasner Law today to receive a free consultation on workers’ compensation and hip injuries.

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