After suffering a workplace accident in Georgia, many victims find it challenging to determine their next steps. While workers’ compensation exists to ensure victims recover benefits regardless of fault, there are limits to what it can cover. In some situations, victims may also have the right to pursue a personal injury claim for their losses. However, filing both types of claims can be legally complex, especially as the victim heals from their injuries. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, it is essential to partner with a skilled Hasner Law attorney so you can fully understand your rights and legal options. 

At Hasner Law, our attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients secure the maximum benefits available for the losses they have endured. We specialize in both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims and can handle every detail of your case as you focus on your health. We understand the unique nuances of these cases and can apply our 100 years of combined experience to fight for you. When you choose our firm, you can trust us to advocate aggressively for justice on your behalf.

Grounds for Filing a Third-Party Claim

Workers’ compensation is designed to ensure workplace accident victims recover benefits for their injuries and shield employers from liability. Under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act, you cannot sue your employer or a co-worker for your injuries, even if they acted negligently. In these scenarios, workers’ compensation benefits are your only remedy. 

However, many cases exist where a party other than an employer or co-worker may have caused your accident and subsequent injuries. In these scenarios, victims have the right to pursue a third-party personal injury claim in addition to a workers’ compensation claim. For example, if you were injured in a car accident while on the job, you would have grounds to file a workers’ compensation claim and sue the negligent driver for damages. Depending on your unique situation, one or more of the following parties may bear fault for your injuries:

  • General contractors
  • Building and property owners
  • Maintenance companies
  • Other drivers
  • Commercial trucking or driving firms
  • Manufacturers of defective or dangerous products
  • Security firms
  • Attackers in workplace violence

The skilled attorneys at Hasner Law thoroughly investigate every case and can help you determine if negligence played a role in your accident. If you can file a personal injury claim as well as your workers’ compensation claim, we will handle the paperwork and fight relentlessly for your rights.

Damages You May Be Able to Collect Through a Third-Party Claim

Although workers’ compensation provides benefits for the victim’s lost wages and medical expenses, there are many damages it does not cover, such as pain and suffering. Pursuing a third-party personal injury claim can help ensure you are compensated for the full scope of your injuries and other losses, including the following:

  • Lost wages and earning potential
  • Current and expected medical expenses
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Significant disfigurement or disability
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering

We recognize that every accident impacts victims differently. Our attorneys take the time to get to know every client and understand the impact their injuries have on their lives so we can advocate for the benefits you deserve. 

Discuss Your Case With a Talented Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Attorney at Hasner Law

In the wake of a workplace injury, it’s crucial to have a legal team that understands your situation and fights tirelessly for your rights. At Hasner Law, we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge and successful track record in both workers’ compensation and personal injury cases in Georgia. We ensure every aspect of your case is meticulously handled while offering the support and guidance you need during this challenging time. 

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Stephen Hasner is the founder and managing partner of Hasner Law PC. Since being licensed in Florida in 1997 and in Georgia in 1999, Stephen has worked tirelessly to help Georgia residents navigate the legal process following a serious injury. This includes injuries sustained at work, in motor vehicle accidents, and in cases of personal injury. The team at Hasner Law is dedicated to securing compensation for their clients who have been injured through no fault of their own.