Every parent wants their children to stay safe, especially when traveling. But keeping a child safe in a moving vehicle is easier said than done. There’s a reason that more than 90,000 children are injured in car accidents in any given year.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to keep yourself, your vehicle occupants, and your children safe on the road. First and foremost, you should become aware of the child booster seat and restraint laws in the State of Georgia. And then you should follow them to the letter.

If you are not sure what the law says about booster seats and restraints, keep reading. This article will cover everything you need to know. 

What the Law Says About Booster Seats

As of July 1st, 2011, Georgia law states that any child under the age of eight must use a car seat or booster seat appropriate for their age and size. The law also demands that children in this age group ride in the back seat. 

Children who are between the ages of eight and twelve are not required to use booster seats, but they are required to remain in the back seat. 

How to Pick the Right Booster Seat for Your Child

You are required by law to purchase and use the appropriate booster seat for your child, depending on their age, height, and weight. To do that, you need to understand the different options available to you. 

About Booster Seats

You need to understand and follow some general rules as the parent of a child who uses a booster seat. First, you can only use a booster seat in an area that has both a shoulder and a lap belt. Second, you should know that it’s recommended that only children over 40 lbs use a booster seat rather than a car seat. 

Before diving into the types of booster seats you can choose from, keep one detail in mind: The best seat for your child is not necessarily the most expensive. While shopping, pay attention to reviews and safety ratings rather than price tags. 

Option #1: A Combination Car Seat

Some car seats are designed to grow with your child. These are called combination seats. Once your child reaches 40 pounds, you can remove the harness from this car seat and begin using it as a high-back booster chair. 

Option #2: A High-Back Booster Seat

A high-back booster seat is exactly what it sounds like: a booster seat with a higher back relative to the other options. These seats are great because they protect your child from whiplash and they can make a seat without a headrest much safer. As an added bonus, these seats are more comfortable and make it easier for the child to take a nap in the vehicle. 

Option #3: A No-Back Booster Seat

A no-back booster seat is what you might envision when you think of a booster seat. It is small, compact, and has no back. While these options are easy to transport and move from seat to seat, keep in mind that they are not safe for use in seats without a headrest. Using them in this way will make your child vulnerable to whiplash. 

Other Ways to Travel Safely with Your Children

Following Georgia’s booster seat laws is one of the most important things you can do to protect your child in the event of a car accident. But there are other steps you can take to optimize safety. Obey the rules of the road, stay aware of your surroundings, and cut out any distractions that may limit your judgment. 

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