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July 5, 2024

Dealing with unpaid wages can be both stressful and challenging. You work hard and expect to be paid fairly, but when your paycheck is less than what you deserve, it affects more than just your wallet. Addressing this issue with your employer requires a calm and strategic approach. Additionally, having an experienced attorney on your side can make a significant difference as you fight for the wages you are owed. 

At Hasner Law, our attorneys have years of experience helping our clients in Georgia protect their rights and collect unpaid wages from their employers. When you partner with our firm, you can have peace of mind that we will be with you through every step of the legal process. 

Approaching Your Employer About Unpaid Wages in Georgia

Unpaid wages could be due to a simple mistake, like a clerical error, or another innocent reason. There might also be a valid reason why your employer hasn’t paid you yet, and issues can be resolved by talking directly with your company’s human resources department. However, these conversations can be difficult to navigate, and it is typically in your best interest to have an attorney present to protect your rights. 

During your conversation with your employer, following the steps below can ensure the conversation proceeds smoothly and your rights are protected:

  • Keep your tone professional and clear when writing to your employer, supervisor, or human resources. Avoid making it personal or accusatory.
  • Ask for permission to record face-to-face conversations with supervisors or human resources. Recording without consent is illegal and unusable in claims.
  • After phone conversations, send a follow-up email detailing key points. This email might be your only evidence.
  • If your employer acts unlawfully, share your experience with a trusted friend, family member, or partner. They may be able to recall the conversation and testify if you file a lawsuit later.

If your company hasn’t given you a reasonable explanation for the unpaid wages, it is essential to seek advice from an experienced Hasner Law attorney. Your attorney can negotiate on your behalf and may be able to settle the dispute without legal action. However, if your employer acted in bad faith, you may be entitled to additional compensation.

Examples of Unpaid Wages in Georgia

Unpaid wages can take many forms, and many may not be immediately recognizable. Some ways that employers fail to fairly compensate their employees include the following:

  • Misclassifying employees as independent contractors
  • Not compensating employees for time spent in required training courses
  • Not paying for job-related travel beyond the normal commute
  • Paying less than the minimum wage or not paying required overtime
  • Miscounting hours worked, like not accounting for work done while clock out or during unpaid breaks
  • Withholding commissions, tips, bonuses, and other earned pay
  • Not paying for agreed-upon vacation and sick days

Our experienced labor and employment law attorneys at Hasner Law are ready to fight for your rights as we work to resolve these disputes. We can investigate every detail of your case and analyze the facts to determine the best path forward.

Speak With a Seasoned Employment Attorney at Hasner Law

If your employer has withheld your wages, it’s essential to secure the right legal support to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. At Hasner Law, our experienced attorneys are here to support you every step of the way. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation at (678) 928-8784 or fill out our contact form. Let us help you secure the wages you are owed.

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