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April 8, 2022

Would You Know What To Do If You Were In An Accident?

We’ve all seen it: cars, bent metal, drivers scratching their heads while standing to the side of the road, police filing a report, and insurance information being exchanged. It’s a car accident. It happens every day – and it happens when you least expect it. Accidents are serious business and no one wants to be involved in one. It is especially difficult if someone gets hurt or your car is damaged, making it necessary for you to file a claim against the other driver. That is when things can start to get complicated.

As a driver in Georgia, if you were in accident today, what would you think if the driver of the other car offered to “settle” your accident claim? Or what if the other driver had an attorney who wanted you to “settle” your case? What if an insurance company made the offer? Would you know what it means to settle a claim in your state? And would you know to get your own experienced, professional lawyer before accepting a settlement offer?

What Is An Accident Claim Settlement In Georgia?

When drivers get into an auto accident there are usually two means of resolving their monetary disputes. One way is by going through their insurance companies. The other way is by going to court. But both can end with a simple offer (usually money) that keeps the matter out of court or at least keeps it in court for less time. This kind of offer is called a settlement. The settlement finalizes the claim and closes the case. Once a settlement is reached, and both parties accept the terms, there is typically no option for future damage claims. So what should you know about claim settlements in Georgia?

  • Settlements are usually lump-sum payments: you get one check and that’s all. That’s why it makes sense to have professional lawyers who know Georgia accident law on your side. They’ll get you the best, most generous possible settlement offer;
  • Settlements can be good for injured drivers who don’t want to take the chance of losing cases at trial, since accepting money will probably keep their claims from going all the way to a jury;
  • Insurers often settle to put money in people’s hands without paying the cost of going to trial;
  • Some Georgia courts will require an injured driver to discuss the possibility of settlement in Mandatory Settlement Conferences or Mediation Conferences before trial.

To learn more about settling your accident claim, get tips at the Department of Motor Vehicles’ website.

Call A Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Before Settling Your Accident Claim

If you’ve been in an accident and you’re thinking of accepting a settlement offer from another driver or an insurance company, first make sure you contact Hasner Law. Our experienced, professional lawyers will work tirelessly on your behalf to recover every cent you’re owed in a settlement.

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