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October 30, 2023

In our ever-evolving world, the concept of workplace safety has made tremendous strides over the years. Yet, even with stringent regulations and improved safety measures, the risk of occupational diseases still looms large in many industries. Occupational diseases, often referred to as work-related illnesses, are health conditions that individuals acquire as a direct result of their employment. These conditions can range from respiratory problems caused by exposure to hazardous chemicals to musculoskeletal disorders resulting from repetitive tasks.

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Understanding Occupational Diseases

Occupational diseases are a significant concern for both employees and employers in Georgia. These illnesses, often caused by exposure to hazardous materials or conditions in the workplace, can have serious and long-lasting effects on a person’s health and well-being. In Georgia, there are legal provisions in place to protect the rights of workers who suffer from occupational diseases. 

In Georgia, the term “occupational disease” is defined by the Workers’ Compensation Act, specifically in O.C.G.A. § 34-9-280. According to this statute, an occupational disease is defined as an illness or condition which is due to causes and conditions which are characteristic of and peculiar to a particular trade, occupation, process, or employment and to exclude all ordinary diseases of life to which the general public is exposed.

Key elements of this definition include:

  • Work-relatedness: The disease must be directly related to the individual’s work, with specific causes and conditions associated with their job.
  • Characteristics of the trade or occupation: The disease should be uniquely associated with a particular job or industry.
  • Exclusion of Ordinary Diseases: Common illnesses that the general public might encounter are not considered occupational diseases under this definition.

In Georgia, employees who believe they have contracted an occupational disease due to their work-related activities should follow specific reporting procedures:

  • Notice to the employer: The injured worker should promptly notify their employer of the illness, typically within 30 days of the diagnosis.
  • Filing a claim: The worker should file a workers’ compensation claim with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. The claim must be submitted within one year from the date the occupational disease was diagnosed or within one year from the date the worker reasonably should have known about the disease’s relationship to their employment.

Occupational diseases are a serious concern in Georgia workplaces, and the state has established legal provisions to protect the rights of workers affected by these illnesses. Legal representation and expert guidance are often crucial for employees navigating the complexities of occupational disease claims in Georgia.

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