Injuries to Teachers at Work

Firefighters, police officers, and construction workers all have something in common – they all go to work every day in an industry that has a high risk of harm. When someone decides to be a […]

The Aftermath of a Big Rig Crash

An accident involving an eighteen-wheeler can be terrifying. The trauma of the accident may continue for a long time afterwards. Accident victims often feel overwhelmed in the weeks and months after a traumatic accident and […]

Scaffolding Collapses at Construction Sites

Scaffolding is a familiar part of most construction projects. Scaffolding platforms allow workers to access high places outside of buildings for repairs, cleaning, or initial construction. While climbing scaffolding may be second nature for many […]

Memorial Day Weekend Means Drunk Driving Accidents

Memorial Day is often considered the unofficial start of summer, with pools opening and people getting outside for barbecues and other celebrations. However, while you plan activities over the three-day weekend with family and friends, […]

The Risks of Injuries for Hospital Workers

Most people would consider hospitals relatively safe places—after all, people go to hospitals to try to recover their health. However, hospitals can actually be quite dangerous places to work.According to the Occupational Safety and Health […]

Does Your Job Pose the Risk of Injuries?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks the number of workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities each year and reports on the most dangerous jobs in the United States. The most recent report included the following professions: […]

Does Atlanta Traffic Lead to More Car Accidents?

Recent reports ranked Atlanta as one of the worst cities for traffic in the world. Yes, you read that right—in the world. Atlanta ranked next to cities like Los Angeles, New York City, London, Moscow, […]

What Happens if You Have to Miss Work Due to a Job-Related Injury in Savannah?

Injuries can happen at work when you least expect it and disrupt your life in many ways. A number of different types of injuries can cause you to miss work. Some injuries specifically affect the […]

Walking to Work In Savannah Is Healthy—AND Risky

The health benefits of walking have attracted plenty of people recently, with everyone counting steps on the latest smartwatch or Fitbit. Not only is walking an important form of low-impact exercise that can help with […]

Was Your Teen Hurt in a Car Crash?

Teen drivers cause a disproportionate amount of car accidents due to inexperience, lack of risk appreciation, and more. Teen drivers can cause serious injuries to motorists in other vehicles, however, they can also cause serious […]