What Kinds of Injuries Result in Permanent Disability Benefits in Georgia?

Employees Who’ve Been Permanently Injured at Work Should Know Their Rights When you’ve sustained a serious, permanent injury at your place of work, it is important to understand your rights. With medical bills to account […]

Getting a Georgia Workers’ Compensation After Losing a Limb at Work Can Be Complicated

Every year, accidental amputations rank among the nation’s most potentially devastating workplace injuries. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration calls workplace amputations “widespread,” finding that amputations occur most frequently among employees who work at printing presses, conveyors, […]

Repetitive Strain Injuries Are Serious Workplace Hazards

Repetitive-motion injuries are among the leading causes of missed time from work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, repetitive motion, including holding tools, scanning groceries, and typing, caused the long absences from work injuries in […]

Protect Your Rights After a Traffic Accident

Most people don’t think much about traffic accidents. Not serious accidents, anyway. Those happen to other people, right? Wrong. More than 35,000 people died in traffic accidents in the United States during 2015, and this number […]

Distracted Drivers Are a Constant Danger

Distracted drivers are a major cause of accidents. According to the Governors Highway Association, in 2016 distracted driving was a factor in accidents that killed 3,450 people, constituting more than nine percent of all traffic fatalities […]

Truck Accident Liability Can Be Complicated

Accidents involving large trucks and tractor-trailers are a major highway hazard. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,903 persons were killed and about 111,000 people injured in crashes involving large trucks in 2014. […]

Should I Seek Medical Treatment After a Car Accident?

When you’re involved in a car accident, your senses can be elevated. It’s common to feel relieved when you avoid a close-call and walk away with a minor strained neck but no broken bones. Oftentimes, […]

Accidents Causing Paralysis Are a Danger for Construction Workers

Hard statistics that detail the main types of paralyzing accidents for construction workers are hard to come by. Government agencies tend to focus on fatalities and injuries and their causes without delving deeply into whether, […]

Did You Hit Your Head at Work?

It’s easy to dismiss—it was just a bump on the head, after all. It hurt at first, but now you feel okay. You have work to do and just don’t have time to go to […]

What Are Common Causes of Rollover Accidents?

Rollover accidents, especially single-vehicle rollovers, are not particularly common—but they are particularly dangerous. Consumer Reports calls such accidents among the most deadly on the road. Even though rollovers constitute less than three percent of all […]