For many drivers, intersections present a larger hazard than other areas of the road. At an intersection, a driver must pay attention to cars traveling in four different directions. Not only that, but intersections offer many other potential dangers, including:

  • Poor traffic engineering, designs, or distractions that cause a driver to make mistakes when driving through the intersection
  • Stop signs or red lights that regulate traffic patterns, which other drivers may miss or ignore
  • Increased traffic through the area
  • Pedestrians and cyclists who also need to be able to cross the street

In addition to the usual hazards, an increase in technology, both in cars and intersections, may increase accident risk in many intersections. Some intersections, however, pose more danger than others. Below we discuss some of the most dangerous intersections in Savannah, Georgia.

Intersection #1: White Bluff and Abercorn

At the intersection of White Bluff and Abercorn, multiple lanes of traffic traveling in different directions significantly increase the risk of accidents. This high-traffic area of Savannah generates the largest number of accidents each year. Confusing lane markers and difficult visibility may also raise the accident risk throughout this intersection. Does your daily commute take you through this area? Knowing the right times of day to move through this potentially dangerous intersection can help keep you and your passengers safer.

Intersection #2: Truman Parkway and Derenne

An expensive improvement project could significantly improve safety at this intersection, where many accidents occur each year. Unfortunately, the improvements cost more than the city is willing to spend on them. As a result, this intersection remains highly dangerous.

Intersection #3: Chatham Parkway and Interstate 16

Known as the Devil’s Highway to local residents, this stretch of Interstate 16 has gained a dangerous reputation. Unfortunately, a high number of accidents occur here on a regular basis. The design of the interstate did not account for increased traffic as Savannah continues to grow, and unfortunately, this intersection continues to pose a significant danger to the many drivers who must use it each day.

Intersection #4: Lynes Parkway

Much of Lynes Parkway poses a serious danger to many of the drivers who traverse it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many drivers move at high speeds as they travel through Lynes Parkway, which can significantly increase the danger associated with its many intersections. Many accidents occur on the on-ramps onto Lynes Parkway.

Intersection #5: King George and Abercorn

In 2017, the intersection of King George and Abercorn reported the third highest number of crashes for Savannah intersections. Often, crashes at this intersection lead to road shutdowns and increase travel time and frustration for many drivers on the road as they head out on their daily commutes. The intersection of King George and Abercorn boasts thin lanes and frequent construction, which may increase accident risk.

Handling Travel Through Dangerous Intersections

If you must travel through some of these dangerous Savannah intersections, several steps can help keep you and your passengers safer. Make sure you know how to effectively navigate these intersections, and keep in mind the following key tips.

  • Always check the intersection before you move through it. Before you attempt to drive through an intersection, make sure you take a moment to note what other vehicles do, even if you have the right of way. Simply looking around can help you avoid a number of accidents.
  • Choose the right time of day to travel. If you know that your daily commute will take you through a dangerous, overcrowded intersection, consider how you can decrease accident risk by avoiding the wrong times of day. During rush hour, for example, intersections often grow more congested, and drivers may show more impatience as they hurry to get home. By avoiding those times of day, you may keep yourself safer and avoid accident risk.
  • Avoid distractions. When you must travel through a dangerous intersection, keep your attention on driving. Leave your cell phone where you cannot see it and keep your eyes on the road, not on other things throughout your vehicle.
  • Slow down. Many of the most dangerous intersections in Savannah receive their danger rating due to how individuals choose to drive through them rather than their actual design. Slowing down as you move through a dangerous intersection will give you more time to respond to what other drivers around you do behind the wheel, as well as decrease the possibility that you will end up in an accident.
  • Look for pedestrians and bicycle traffic. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic may cause a frustrating increase in the time that it takes you to get through an intersection, but those individuals have the right to use the road, too. They also experience higher danger when they use the road, since they do not have the protection of a vehicle around them. Keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians and cyclists. Taking a moment to note these individuals will keep everyone safer.
  • Research alternate routes. If you know that your daily commute involves a dangerous intersection, you may discover that an alternate route will save you a great deal of frustration and decrease your accident risks. Try a new route to get to work or check out alternatives. It may surprise you what other options are available, and in some cases, those other options may even save you time on your daily commute.

Unfortunately, some accidents are unavoidable, despite your best efforts to prevent one. An accident can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Whether you suffered injuries in the least dangerous intersection in Savannah or the most dangerous, you may need legal help to navigate the claim process and receive compensation for the full cost of your injuries.

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