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April 8, 2022

You need to consider several factors when purchasing a new car. Safety is one of them. Yes, you may want an attractive vehicle with convenient features. However, safety features may be the most important factor to account for when buying any type of motor vehicle. Quite simply, the safer your car is, the lower your chances are of being involved in a car accident.

Are you planning on buying a new car in the near future? If so, you should prepare by familiarizing yourself with the most valuable and effective safety features a car can have. 

They include the following:


Don’t underestimate the role airbags can play in preventing major injury or death in a collision. According to estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as of 2017, airbags have prevented 50,457 deaths in the US. Ensure your vehicle is equipped with proper airbags when making a purchase.

Anti Lock Brakes

There are many reasons why you may need to step on the brake pedal quickly and suddenly when driving. Perhaps you need to hit the brakes quickly to avoid a collision with a driver speeding through a red light. Maybe you encounter an unexpected obstruction in the road and are unable to avoid it.

Regardless, you want to be sure your wheels don’t lock in these circumstances. This can cause your car to spin out of control. Anti lock brakes guard against this. Luckily, most newer cars in the US are required to have anti lock braking systems.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control systems have also been a standard feature of American cars for about a decade. There’s a good chance that any car you purchase will offer this safety feature.

Various factors can cause a motor vehicle to stray from the driver’s intended path. Electronic stability control systems essentially monitor for these factors. If they detect that a car is not traveling in the path a driver wants it to, they will automatically apply brakes to correct the issue.

Adaptive Headlights

Safety features that guard against motor vehicle accidents should not merely protect you from being involved in an accident. They should also prevent you from unintentionally causing an accident.

Consider the example of adaptive headlights. They account for such factors as elevation to improve your visibility while reducing glare for drivers on the other side of the road. This ensures both you and other motorists are safer behind the wheel.

Traction Control

This feature is exactly what it sounds like. A traction control system is designed to provide your tires with maximum traction, regardless of road conditions.

That doesn’t mean you can ignore the basics of safe driving habits simply because your vehicle is equipped with such a system. While traction control can limit your chances of losing traction when the road is wet or slippery, you should still exercise a proper degree of caution. Drive slowly and don’t make unreasonably quick turns.

Unfortunately, buying a car with the necessary safety features will never guarantee that you won’t be involved in an accident. Neither will practicing safe driving habits. Even if you exercise caution behind the wheel, you cannot prevent others from being careless.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney for Help

Georgia is an at-fault state in regard to car accidents. In Georgia, if another driver’s negligence causes a collision, you can seek compensation for your medical bills and related losses by filing a claim to collect from their insurance.

An attorney can help you recover compensation by gathering evidence to prove negligence, documenting the extent of your losses, and more. While it’s still important to protect yourself and others by driving a vehicle with key safety features, you have options if you’re involved in an accident due to someone else’s carelessness.

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