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May 9, 2023

When Georgians are injured at work, they are generally able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. The type of benefits you can obtain depends on the nature and extent of your injuries. 

Workers’ compensation benefits are meant to cover the financial losses that were caused by your injury. If you are totally unable to work, if you are earning less money due to the injury, or if you have experienced permanent damage to a part of your body, consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for advice. You may qualify for permanent partial disability benefits. 

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Temporary   Disabilities in Georgia

When injured at work, an employee in Georgia is usually entitled to medical treatment at the employer’s expense. If you missed work because of the injury or you have permanent injuries, you will probably receive one of several types of cash benefits. 

Cash benefits may be an option for injured employees when they miss at least seven days of work due to an injury. If you miss at least 21 days of work because of the injury, you will get compensation for the first seven days you missed.

To qualify for any cash benefits, you need to see a doctor that’s been approved by your employer. The laws and rules of workers’ compensation benefits can be difficult to understand. A smart first step if you’ve been injured at work is to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits 

If you have been injured at work and can’t work while you are recovering, you may be able to collect Temporary Total Disability benefits. 

Temporary total disability benefits arrive in the form of a weekly check that is two-thirds of your average pay at the time of the accident but not more than $725.00 a week if the injury happened on or after July 1, 2022. Usually, you can only receive the benefits for a total of 400 weeks from the date of the accident that caused the injury.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

What if you can go back to work after you have been injured but can’t work as many hours because of the injury? Or what if you have to take a lower-paying job because of the injury? 

In these cases, in Georgia, you may be entitled to Temporary Partial Disability Benefits to help you make up for the loss in your income. 

Your weekly check will be two-thirds of the difference between your pay before and after the accident, but no more than $483.00 per week if your accident occurred on or after July 1, 2022. You are entitled to this benefit for a maximum of 350 weeks from the date of injury.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

What happens when your accident at work leaves you with a permanent disability? In these situations, your benefits will be based on the type and extent of your permanent disability

The authorized doctor will determine if you qualify for benefits based on the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment fifth edition, published by the American Medical Association. If the doctor deems that you have lost a body part or the use of a body part, Georgia law sets out the amount of time you can receive benefits for that loss. 

These types of benefits are paid weekly and will be two-thirds of your regular pay. So, if you lost an arm or leg, state law says you will receive benefits for 225 weeks. If you lost hearing in one ear, you would get benefits for 75 weeks. Lost hearing in both ears would get you benefits for 150 weeks. 

If your injury is deemed to be catastrophic, you may be entitled to lifetime medical benefits. These types of injuries would include paralysis, brain injuries and other severe neurological disorders, and complete blindness. 

Call a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Questions About Benefits

Dealing with work injuries can be physically and emotionally taxing as your health and livelihood are impacted. You want to make sure you receive all of the compensation to which you are entitled. Consult with a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney to determine the best way to proceed.  

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