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  • Hasner Law, a personal injury law firm, assists individuals injured in and around Columbus, GA, with a dedicated legal team.
  • They handle various personal injury cases stemming from accidents like car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents.
  • The firm provides guidance on post-accident steps, including seeking medical attention, reporting the accident, gathering information, preserving evidence, consulting with an attorney, and saving documentation.
  • Hasner Law’s experienced team aims to help clients recover financially by evaluating liability, investigating accidents, assessing losses, handling the insurance process, negotiating settlements, and pursuing legal action if necessary.
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The experienced Columbus, GA personal injury lawyers at Hasner Law are dedicated to representing the rights and interests of people who have been injured in and around the Columbus, GA area. We have witnessed how devastating and disrupting an unexpected injury can be for you and your family and we are here to help you recover financially.

Following an accident, it can be difficult to know what to do or where to turn. You can trust that the Columbus, GA personal injury attorneys of Hasner Law have your best interests in mind and will explore every option to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Call today for more information about how we can assist you.

Handling Cases Stemming from a Variety of Accidents


Each personal injury case will differ depending on the circumstances that caused the injury—specifically, the type of accident that occurred. If an accident happens because another person was negligent, injured victims have the right to seek compensation for all of their losses.

Many types of accidents can lead to personal injury claims. Our firm regularly handles cases involving the following:

Car accidents – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that about 2.4 million people sustained injuries in traffic accidents in one year in the U.S. Many of these injuries are serious and can change the course of a victim’s life. Car accidents are often caused by negligent drivers, but can also occur due to dangerous roads, defective auto parts, and other factors.

Truck accidents – According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), an estimated 476,000 truck accidents occur on an annual basis. Large commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than any other vehicle on the road, which means that a collision between a car and truck can result in devastating or often fatal injuries.

Motorcycle accidents – Motorcyclists are typically aware of the risks of riding and take safety precautions; however, it is impossible to control the actions of other drivers. Drivers are often too distracted to see a motorcycle or are driving in a careless manner that results in a dangerous crash. Motorcyclists have little protection from an impact, which means they can sustain severe injuries.

Pedestrian accidents – Anytime you are walking anywhere near traffic, there is a risk that a car could crash into you and cause you serious injuries. Pedestrians often suffer multiple traumatic injuries as they may have different points of impact with a car, the ground, or other objects. Often, pedestrians are hit by drivers who are distracted, drunk, or not following traffic laws.

Bicycle accidents – Whether you ride your bike to work or school every day or simply ride for recreation once in a while, you should be aware that many drivers do not properly share the road. Even with a helmet, the chances are high that you could sustain life-changing injuries if hit by a car while riding your bike.

No matter what type of accident occurred, please do not hesitate to contact our office to learn how we can help you today.

What to Do After a Personal Injury Accident in Columbus, GA

At Hasner Law, we understand that personal injury accidents can be overwhelming and disorienting. Whether you have been involved in a car accident, suffered a workplace injury, or experienced any other type of personal injury incident in Columbus, Georgia, knowing the right steps to take in the immediate aftermath can greatly impact your well-being and your ability to seek compensation for your injuries.

Here is what you should do after a personal injury accident to better protect your health, your rights, and your future:

Seek Medical Attention

Your health should always be your top priority. After any personal injury accident, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention, even if your injuries seem minor. Some injuries may not be apparent right away, and a medical evaluation can help you receive the necessary treatment and documentation for your injuries.

Report the Accident

Contact the appropriate authorities to report the accident. In the case of a car accident, this typically means calling the police to the scene. For workplace injuries, notify your supervisor or employer as soon as possible. Reporting the accident helps create an official record of the incident, which may be important for insurance claims or legal actions later on.

Gather Information

Collect as much information as possible at the scene of the accident. This includes:

  • Names and contact information of all parties involved
  • Insurance information of the other party (if applicable)
  • Witness contact information
  • Photos of the accident scene, damage, and any visible injuries

Also, be sure to write your account of what happened. Be sure to include times, dates, and other relevant details.

Preserve Evidence

Be sure to preserve any evidence associated with your accident. This includes keeping damaged clothing, equipment, or vehicles in the condition they were at the time of the accident. This evidence can be critical in proving liability and assessing damages in a personal injury case.

Consult With an Attorney

After seeking medical attention and reporting the accident, consider consulting with a Hasner Law personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney can provide valuable guidance on your rights, options, and the best course of action to pursue compensation for your injuries and losses.

If you have been injured in a personal injury accident in Columbus, Georgia, Hasner Law is here to help. Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys has a proven track record of advocating for accident victims and securing the compensation they deserve.

Save Documentation

Keep detailed records of your injuries and expenses related to the accident. This includes medical bills, prescriptions, transportation costs, and any other expenses you incur as a result of the accident. These records will be essential for calculating the compensation you may be entitled to.

Maintain a record of all communication related to your accident, including emails, letters, and phone calls. This will help ensure you have a clear account of all interactions with involved parties, including insurance companies and attorneys.

Be Cautious With Insurance Companies

Be cautious when dealing with insurance companies. It is important to remember that insurance adjusters may try to minimize the compensation they offer you. Consult with a Hasner Law attorney before providing statements or accepting any settlements from insurance companies.

How an Injury Can Affect Your Life

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Personal injury cases can also vary depending on the nature and severity of the injuries that you sustained. Each injury will require different types of treatment and result in different losses, so we approach each injury case on a personalized basis to develop the best strategy to obtain full financial recovery for you.

We regularly handle claims involving the following serious injuries and more:

Whether your injuries only required a couple of doctor appointments or you needed long-term hospitalization, you still deserve to be compensated for your medical bills and other losses by any negligent parties. Call us today for more information about our legal services.

Helping Clients Recover Financially after a Personal Injury

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When you think of a personal injury case, you may immediately think of a trial in court. However, most cases are resolved outside of a courtroom. Our priority is to resolve your claim in the most efficient way possible while still ensuring you receive the full amount you deserve.

The following are only some ways that our experienced personal injury lawyers in Columbus, GA can help you:

  • Evaluate whether you can hold another party or parties responsible for your injuries
  • Investigate and gather evidence to prove the cause of your accident
  • Determine the value of your losses including medical expenses, costs of future care, lost income, future lost earnings, pain and suffering, and permanent disability or disfigurement, among others
  • Handle the insurance process if applicable in your case, including reviewing and negotiating any settlement offers
  • Identify and advise when an insurance claim will be insufficient to cover all of your losses
  • Negotiate to obtain a favorable settlement offer from the liable party

If necessary, file a personal injury claim on your behalf in civil court, represent you at trial, and navigate the entire litigation process

Obtaining compensation for your injury-related losses can be a complex and time-consuming process. We believe that your focus should be on your physical recovery and putting your life back together after your accident, so we make this process as stress-free for you as possible. You can count on our legal team to protect your rights.

Discuss How Our Experienced Columbus, GA Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

After an accident in the Columbus, Georgia area, it is never too soon to contact Hasner Law to discuss a possible claim. There is only a limited amount of time in Georgia to seek compensation for a personal injury, so the sooner we get started on your case, the better. While you cannot go back in time to prevent the injury from occurring, having proper compensation for your losses can help you move forward. Our Columbus, GA personal injury attorneys have assisted many clients in recovering financially after an injury, so please do not hesitate to learn how we can help you. Call today at (678) 928-8784 or fill out our contact form.