Workers’ Compensation Law Regarding Work Restrictions

When a physician “releases” you from work that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re 100% better or ready to work full-time regular hours. You may be released on light-duty restrictions. At every appointment make sure to get your “work-status” note because that will determine whether or not you have any work restrictions. It also has implications with regard to your eligibility to receive workers’ compensation checks.

Valid or Invalid Panel?

Your employer is required to post a list of doctors for you to make a choice, but what most employees don’t realize is that there are specific guidelines for the list or “Panel of Physicians.”

  • At the minimum, the panel should have 6 physicians listed.
  • Of the 6, at least 1 has to be an orthopedic surgeon.
  • No more than 2 can be industrial clinics.
  • The panel also has to include at least one minority physician.

If the panel does not meet these requirements, you can choose a doctor not on the list. Employees should also be aware that they have a right to a one-time change to another doctor off the panel.

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