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Everywhere you look in Atlanta, it seems that something is under construction. Whether it is a new home, a large building or complex, or road work, construction crews and their equipment are all around the city. While this often means improvements, it also creates the risk of construction accidents for both workers and passersby.

Construction accidents are more common than you likely realize. People are injured on construction sites regularly and many of these injuries are costly and life-altering. The good news is that most people injured in construction accidents have the right to seek payment for their medical expenses and other losses they incurred. This is not a simple process, however, and any accident victims should seek assistance and advice from a skilled Atlanta construction accident lawyer. Please do not delay in calling the personal injury lawyers at Hasner Law, PC to learn about your rights.

Common Accidents and Injuries

Many types of accidents and injuries can occur in construction areas. These are unstable areas that also involve heavy machinery and dangerous tools, so it should be no surprise that severe injuries commonly result. Some of the more common construction accidents include:

Falls – In order to build or repair taller structures, construction workers often work from high places, including ladders, scaffolding, or crane baskets. While workers should always have the right safety gear, falls are still a leading cause of injuries and deaths for construction workers.

Power tool accidents – Even someone who is highly experienced working with power tools can have mishaps with drills, power saws, nail guns, and more. Such tools are extremely powerful and can cause disfiguring injuries in many situations.

Getting hit by something – There are many building materials, equipment, and tools being moved around at any construction site. Objects may fall from a high place and land on a worker standing below. Materials being moved by cranes may swing and hit a worker, sometimes trapping them or crushing a limb.

Scaffolding collapses – Scaffolding is used in many construction projects. If the scaffolding is defective or installed improperly, it can collapse. Anyone working on the scaffolding will likely fall a great distance, while those below can become trapped under the collapsed structure.

Heavy machinery accidents – Bulldozers, cranes, trenchers, excavators, graders, pavers, dump trucks and more are regularly used for a variety of construction projects. There are many things that can go wrong when using such heavy equipment and workers often sustain injuries as a result.

Electric accidents – An important part of many construction projects is installing electrical systems. This often happens in stages and some wires may be left ungrounded for a period of time. Electrical injuries are all too common and, unfortunately, can often result in fatal electrocutions.

Explosions – Whether a construction crew is creating a purposeful explosion or if something accidentally explodes, many people may be injured during such events. Ear and eye injuries, burns, shrapnel injuries, and more all common.

Ground collapses – Many construction sites have deep trenches or ground that is unstable. This can lead to a frightening ground collapse, which can trap anyone in the area under tons of dirt.

There are many other ways construction workers can be injured while on the job. In addition, people passing by construction sites on foot or on bicycles can also be affected by accidents.

Road Work Zones

There is another set of risks involved when construction crews are working on the roads or highways. Often, roads cannot be completely closed, so traffic is still passing as workers are performing their jobs. Despite lower construction zone speed limits, increased penalties for traffic violations, and warning signs, many motorists still drive dangerously through road work zones. This puts workers at risk of being hit by a car and suffering many traumatic injuries.

Serious Injuries

Any type of construction accident has the potential to cause catastrophic injuries that need ongoing and costly medical care. Some construction accident injuries can completely change the lives of victims, leaving them with permanent disabilities or disfigurement. Although many, many types of injuries may happen, these are some that are common in construction accident claims:

  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Amputations
  • Puncture wounds
  • Fractured skull
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Burns
  • Electrical injuries and electrocution

Needless to say, such serious injuries require emergency care and may result in a long period of hospitalization and recovery. During this time, victims can incur many losses, including medical bills and lost income. It is important to learn about your right to recover compensation for such losses.

Seeking Legal Relief after a Construction Injury

How you can seek financial recovery after a construction accident will depend on the circumstances of the accident. First, if you were working at the time of your injury, you likely have the right to seek compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages by filing a claim with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. If a third party was negligent and caused the accident, you may also have the additional right to file a lawsuit against that third party. If you were a bystander and were not on the job when you got injured, you may seek compensation by filing a claim against any parties that were negligent.

To determine who was liable and how to seek payment, you should have one of our lawyers review your case as soon as possible. Timing is important, so do not wait to learn about your legal rights.

Discuss Your Accident with an Atlanta Construction Injury Law Firm

A construction accident can change the course of your life in an instant. Whether you were working on a site or passing by, you deserve to fully exercise your rights under the law. At Hasner Law, we regularly handle both workers’ compensation claims and personal injury claims in the Atlanta area. We can evaluate your best options for compensation and see your case through to its most favorable resolution possible. If you have been injured, you should not wait to discuss what happened with our Atlanta construction accident attorneys. Call 678-888-HURT (4878) or contact us online today.

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